Tuesday talks: fitness bloggers and vloggers I am loving

Fitness motivation

I mentioned in my life lately post (read it here!) I want to keep this style of post a weekly thing and so here it is! This week’s focus: fitness bloggers and vloggers.

I love keeping up with fitness bloggers and vloggers – I think it’s great that so many influencers in the fitness industry are there to share their advice! I have tried plenty of different recipes and taken workout tips from each of these amazing women so thought it was only right to share their links below!

Linn Lowes

She is such a babe! Your genuine girl next door type who has a history of cancer, but is seriously killing it with her fitness. Her booty will give you enough encouragement to go and work out for sure. Her Youtube videos are really useful as she shares her workouts and really goes in to the science behind the exercises. I have recently bought one of her workout guides and I have really made progress in terms of physique changes.

Naturally Stefanie

Not your average vegan blogger/Youtuber! I initially stumbled across Naturally Stefanie on Youtube with her accidentally vegan videos. Since then, Stefanie posts a mix of workouts and vegan meal ideas which I genuinely find really useful. Her blog also has really good recipes on there and is super easy to read through.

Jelly Devote

So I feel like Jelly Devote has a stronger Instagram presence right now over Youtube/blogging platform but I definitely think that she is becoming more and more popular! Her own before and after transformation is insane and I love checking out her account for some self motivation.

Jane Campbell

I found Jane through Naturally Stefanie’s channel as they do a few partner workout style videos. She is pretty new to Youtube but I have a feeling that she is going to gain a huge following. Her Instagram posts are a mix between workouts and Gymshark try-ons.

Tammy Hembrow

I actually followed Tammy waaaayy back before she literally sky-rocketed to fame. And although she is not exclusively a fitness blogger/Youtuber, I feel like a lot of attention is focused on her physique and fitnes journey. Her booty workout videos are really helpful and have some great exercises for the glutes.

Let me know who is your go to fitness inspiration below!

High protein vegan pancakes recipe

Vegan protein pancakes

Vegan protein pancakes

Vegan protein pancakes

Recently I have been logging my food to see what kind of macro breakdown I’m hitting on a vegan diet. My daily food intake was not at its healthiest, and so I was definitely lacking in protein rich foods.

So now my aim is to hit around 100g of protein daily to improve dietry balance and boost workout results.

It can be a challenge to hit that level of protein on a vegan diet, so I am always looking at diffferent sources of protein to help increase my intake. Luckily I recently found a recipe on Naturally Stefanie’s blog for protein vegan pancakes which I have slightly adapted and ohmygod..they are soooo good!

recipe for vegan pancakes

They are so simple to make – add all ingredients to a high speed blender and that’s it! Ladel the mixture in to a hot pan with oil, and cook on each side until golden. The recipe above makes pancakes for 1 serving and provide around 20g of protein!

The dates make the pancakes quite sweet, but you could add fruits, coconut yogurt or syrup as toppings! Also I realise that my pancakes are not the prettiest and are far from Instagram perfect, however they taste just as good! The yogurt I have used is my favourite (as mentioned in my vegan overnight oats post) – Alpro vanilla.

Fyi – I am currently trying cover a macro ratio of 60:20:20 of carbs, fats and protein.


Switch the sitch: your new life mantra

Switch the switch life mantra

Okay, I’m totally stealing my new life mantra from the GirlBoss series on Netflix. It was literally one line from one episode but it really stuck out for me. And who doesn’t love a good old rags to riches story? Fyi the book trumps the series hands down – thank me later.

Why you gotta switch the sitch

It’s pretty self explanatory, but just in case you need more info here goes. Switch the sitch is a lil self reminder that you are in control. You have the power to switch up the situation you are in and therefore have better control of your happiness, productivity…just about everything! I talked about it in my post about my career situation and honestly, some of the best advice I could give is that nothing is worth scarificing your happiness for.

Anytime I’m feeling fed up or having a lil pity party I try to reinforce the switch the sitch mantra. It can be easy to become caught up in your own situation, when if you take a step back for a moment you can actively re-focus your energy in to a more postive situation.

Let me know if this works for you and what other life matras you live by! xx

Life Lately

Radio 1 Big Weekend

Radio 1 Big Weekend

Hey all! So usually I try and keep to one theme for each blog post, but then I always find that I really enjoy these kinda ‘life lately’ posts so here’s my shot at it!

Radio 1 Big Weekend

If you didn’t already know, Radio 1 Big Weekend was at Burton Constable Hall this weekend and I had tickets for the Sunday. Kings of Leons and Little Mix were the bands that I definitely wanted to see, but we actually stuck around the main stage all day so we managed to see every act. Kings of Leon literally blew me away, I get goosebumps listening to Use Somebody now! Such an amazing day, even more so than I ever expected!


Okay if you love cooking and following recipes then you have to check out Yummly. I stumbled across it one day when looking for vegan recipes and now  I use it all the time. The best way I can describe it is a hub of online recipes. Basically there’s a collection of every type of recipe you can think of and you can filter your search to find exactly what you’re after. I also like that you can switch between imperial/metric measurements – I hate having to calculate this!

This Guess T-Shirt

When I saw that Topshop was featuring a Guess collection I immediately had to check it out. I am completely in love with the classic white t-shirt as it’s so simple. I would pair this with some distressed mom style jeans and black/white converse for a really chilled out look. Hopefully they re-stock this t-shirt as it literally sold out straight away!

Foundation Matrix

After chatting to a friend at work, she told me about the Foundation Matrix. If you are looking to buy a new foundation online and are not too sure on what shade you are, this tool matches you based on your current foundation! Pretty nifty.

Hope you enjoy my life lately post – I’m thinking of doing these regularly (like every Tuesday?) let me know what you think! xx


How to: one simple calligraphy hack you need to know

Lately I have seen so many articles and cool videos on creating customised planners that are a little less ordinary. Cue impossibly cute headers, doodles and you guessed it – calligraphy skills that you could only dream of. Or so you thought. If there’s one thing I took away from all of these posts is that there is one simple calligraphy hack that anyone can do. And no, you don’t need to invest in an expensive calligraphy set!

Downward strokes.

Okay, so if the above heading is all you have read so far then get your mind out of the gutter!

The most simple way to memorise this simple caligrapgy hack is remembering that all downward stokes are to be accentuated.

Think of this example:

For most people the letter ‘o’ will be written in an anti-clockwise motion. This means that you will accentuate the left hand side of the ‘o,’ and by accentuate, I mean thicken. What we are aiming to do is create the effect that the different angles of a real calligraphy pen create.

I would recommend trying it out on your own handwriting style first off. Grab a notepad and write out a word in your usual style, going back to each letter and then thickening the part where a downward stroke was used.

Once you get the hang of it, try out different handwriting styles (Pinterest is really great for some inspo).

I would love to see your calligraphy pics so go ahead and share your style with me on Instagram and Facebook!



Wild Ocean – Thursday Thoughts

Wild Ocean poem

I ♡ the above poem Wild Ocean and feel as though it perfectly sums up my life recently.

Here’s the thing.

I’m 26 and I’m kinda (massively) in limbo at the moment with everything in my life. Seriously. Relationships, my career…I feel like I should have it all figured out but then again should I?

Much like the tide, things in life tend to come and go so here’s the million $ question. Do you take the road well-known and pursue what you know is ahead, or do you take a risk in life and hope that it brings you happiness in what you’re searching for? Do you settle for what you’re ‘supposed’ to or do you take bliss in saying no to what is expected?

From experience, the freedom of taking a risk pays off in terms of happiness a million times over. Sure, there will be moments of WTH and where is my life going, but there is also untold amounts of exploration and motivation that can come with uncertainity.

Sometimes we all need those moments in life where we can be indecisive. We don’t need all the answers right now or to need to know what we want. Great adventures can lie in the pursuit of what we really desire, and I don’t know about you but I’m pretty excited about what may or may not lie ahead.

Summer festival outfit ideas – yes please!

Festival Outfit Ideas


It’s fair to say that after seeing everyone’s amazing Coachella blogs/vlogs I have total festival envy. So what better way to re-create the festival vibe than to share some summer festival outfit ideas! Some of my favourite festival looks were from Negin Mirsalehi, Janni Deler, Emitaz and of course the festival queen herself Vanessa Hudgens! Who didn’t love her gold disc crop top?!
Summer festival outfits for me are totally about the mix of bohemian style with a little edginess. Bye-bye floral head crowns and hello to embellishments, chain detailing and of course tassels! I love seeing gypsy style mixed with stronger pieces like hardware detailing or some masculine-esque boots (yes to comfort!).
Want more festival outfit ideas and inspiration?

I am really loving a few different clothing websites at the moment and wanted to share the links with you guys below:

Let me know what you think!
What are your summer gestival outfit ideas? Share your blog links below! xx

Meet Nala the miniature dachshund!

Nala the miniature dachshund

Nala the miniature dachshund

Nala the miniature dachshund

Nala the miniature dachshund

Nala the miniature dachshund

Nala the miniature dachshund

A quick blog post to share a few pictures of the most recent addition to our ever-growing doggie clan. Meet…Nala! She is a chocolate miniature dachshund aka a sausage dog, and I can’t believe how perfect she is! She has really settled in and has been so well-behaved – she has the cutest character and is so sweet natured. Dare I say it already…she is definitely such an easy-going lil pup!

As a household we now have 5 dogs ranging from 14 weeks old to 12 years old. I absolutely love having so many dogs – I know for most people it seems like a lot but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Seriously, I am in ♡

I will be sure to share pictures of Nala on the Balm & Blyss blog and on my Instagram and Facebook accounts so make sure to keep an eye out! xx

Vegan overnight oats


I was actually taking a look at the re-launch of Aussie activewear site Slinkii when I noticed that they have a blog which includes a lotta healthy, high protein and quite a lot of vegan recipes, so naturally I wanted to try a few out!

Lately I’m finding that breakfast is one of the easiest meals to get a good level of vegan protein in and so I definitely was drawn to the protein overnight oats (or ‘proats’) with chia seeds. The result was probably one of the nicer overnight oat recipes that I have tried, so find the recipe below!

All you have to do is simply mix all the ingredients together in a sealable tuppaware box and store in the fridge overnight! Fyi you can add a little more almond milk to your overnight oats if you want a slightly less thick consistency – the chia seeds tend to make this recipe quite thick.

This recipe is for 1 serving and has 23 grams of protein! You can definitely multiply the quantities and make overnight oats to last the week. I added some fresh strawberries to mine before eating which adds contrasting texture – so yummy!

Enjoy! xx


Floral boot envy

I feel as though the floral trend is something that I gladly left behind in my early twenties as my wardrobe has evolved to more simple items of clothing and less print, however I am kinda falling in love with the current floral trend that’s all over the high street.

And it’s not your typical floral – it’s definitely got a more classic, grown-up yet edgy vibe, with floral details embroidered on to just about every fashion staple.

Cue the most dreamy pair of boots I have probably ever owned.

They’re your must-have black ankle boot with a twist – the perfect amount of pastel pink embroidered flower detail on the side of each boot.

They are so versatile and can be worn with black skinnies, denim mom style jeans turned up, or rocked with bare legs and a faux leather skirt. The heel is just the right height that’s doable during the day and workable for the night-time. In all honesty they have so far caused slight discomfort on the balls of the feet, but I’m optimistic that this will fade after wearing them in a bit more!

Shop them here…definitely predicting a sell-out (you heard it here first!) xx


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