Acne Studios Pink Bomber Dupe

After becoming a little addicted to following Negin Mirsalehi on YouTube (and being a long-time IG follower of hers) I fell in love with her pink, silk Acne Studios bomber jacket that she showed in one of her vlogs.

Cue serious jacket envy.

So after some online digging, I’m pretty sure that the Acne Studios jacket is completely sold out, so I decided to look around the high street for the perfect dupe.

After a disappointing eBay order (the jacket was originally from Missguided) it was kinda accidental that I then found the almost perfect dupe in Mango.

[For those of you who want to see the Acne Studios bomber jacket for comparison click through here]

So the main difference being that the shade of pink differs slightly – the Mango bomber is a brighter pink whereas the Acne Studios jacket is more of a dusky pink, but I was definitely happy to settle on the colour!

The jacket was £34.99 and I bought it in a size M which is slightly loose fitting on me which I prefer anyway, and what I really like about it is that it is slightly quilted so can be worn in colder weather and summer.

I’m heading to Berlin in March and can’t wait to (hopefully) wear it then – more pictures to come!



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