Summer festival outfit ideas – yes please!

Festival Outfit Ideas


It’s fair to say that after seeing everyone’s amazing Coachella blogs/vlogs I have total festival envy. So what better way to re-create the festival vibe than to share some summer festival outfit ideas! Some of my favourite festival looks were from Negin Mirsalehi, Janni Deler, Emitaz and of course the festival queen herself Vanessa Hudgens! Who didn’t love her gold disc crop top?!
Summer festival outfits for me are totally about the mix of bohemian style with a little edginess. Bye-bye floral head crowns and hello to embellishments, chain detailing and of course tassels! I love seeing gypsy style mixed with stronger pieces like hardware detailing or some masculine-esque boots (yes to comfort!).
Want more festival outfit ideas and inspiration?

I am really loving a few different clothing websites at the moment and wanted to share the links with you guys below:

Let me know what you think!
What are your summer gestival outfit ideas? Share your blog links below! xx

Floral boot envy

I feel as though the floral trend is something that I gladly left behind in my early twenties as my wardrobe has evolved to more simple items of clothing and less print, however I am kinda falling in love with the current floral trend that’s all over the high street.

And it’s not your typical floral – it’s definitely got a more classic, grown-up yet edgy vibe, with floral details embroidered on to just about every fashion staple.

Cue the most dreamy pair of boots I have probably ever owned.

They’re your must-have black ankle boot with a twist – the perfect amount of pastel pink embroidered flower detail on the side of each boot.

They are so versatile and can be worn with black skinnies, denim mom style jeans turned up, or rocked with bare legs and a faux leather skirt. The heel is just the right height that’s doable during the day and workable for the night-time. In all honesty they have so far caused slight discomfort on the balls of the feet, but I’m optimistic that this will fade after wearing them in a bit more!

Shop them here…definitely predicting a sell-out (you heard it here first!) xx


Acne Studios Pink Bomber Dupe

After becoming a little addicted to following Negin Mirsalehi on YouTube (and being a long-time IG follower of hers) I fell in love with her pink, silk Acne Studios bomber jacket that she showed in one of her vlogs.

Cue serious jacket envy.

So after some online digging, I’m pretty sure that the Acne Studios jacket is completely sold out, so I decided to look around the high street for the perfect dupe.

After a disappointing eBay order (the jacket was originally from Missguided) it was kinda accidental that I then found the almost perfect dupe in Mango.

[For those of you who want to see the Acne Studios bomber jacket for comparison click through here]

So the main difference being that the shade of pink differs slightly – the Mango bomber is a brighter pink whereas the Acne Studios jacket is more of a dusky pink, but I was definitely happy to settle on the colour!

The jacket was £34.99 and I bought it in a size M which is slightly loose fitting on me which I prefer anyway, and what I really like about it is that it is slightly quilted so can be worn in colder weather and summer.

I’m heading to Berlin in March and can’t wait to (hopefully) wear it then – more pictures to come!



Scandi Style


Scandi/Nordic Style



Happy Monday guys! If you hadn’t noticed already, I am loving Scandinavian/Nordic style right now! And seriously, all the items above are genuinely on my wish list (if only..!)

What I love about Scandi/Nordic style is that it is always a really tasteful balance – not hyper minimalistic, just the right amount of accessorising/colour/pattern whether it’s clothing or interiors.

2017 goals are to embrace this style with an almost ‘less is more’ kinda mantra, and look to buy key pieces that will last and that can be mixed and matched when it comes to clothing (the interiors might have to wait a little while until I have my own place to decorate!)

Follow my Scandi style Pinterest board here and my favourite Nordic interiors Instagram account here – let me know wh0/what your favourite influencers are!

Ciao xx

May Must Haves: Home Edition

Hold the phone (is that the right saying?!) how are we are halfway through May already?! I think I’ve mentioned before that May is a funny month for me, it always brings back memories of school/college/uni when it was deadline/exam time. Yuck. Let’s not go there. But we are one step closer to the summer months!!

And lately I have become a little obsessed with home interiors and design and have been dreaming up the perfect wishlist of decor, colours and styles for when I decorate my own place (one day!) I feel like my taste in interiors has definitely changed recently – and definitely for the better! I would probably say that it has evolved as my own personal taste has changed and I guess I have matured (a little!) over the past year or so to bring me to this kinda style state of mind.

So once again, I have taken the effort out of shopping around and created a collage/moodboard of perfect home interior accessories!

Home Accessories

XOXO print

Industrial lamp shade

Zig zag cushion

‘Z’ Alphabet mug

Tripod stand lamp


Seychelles room spray

Seagrass basket

Grey knit throw

Really loving white and grey tones with a hint of metallics – clean finishes but complimented with natural materials. Again this kinda Nordic/Swedish inspiration that I did a post on before with a few room inspiration pics! Also I have a board on Pinterest (clearly it has more pins than any other board on my page!) that is dedicated to my new fave thing  – home interiors and design!! Seriously considering looking in to a career in it!

I’ve also slowly started to build up styling pieces for my desk at work and adding lil bits here and there to make it more personalised! I’m seriously loving H&M for their home pieces – I am going to do an upcoming post on my bedside organisation and my desk workspace so watch this space!!

Ooo also on a completely (or not so) un-related note, I have created a new e-mail account for TheGlowDown Blog! (Erm why didn’t I do this sooner?!) It’s so feel free to get in touch! Also keep up to date and follow TheGlowDown Blog on Facebook and Twitter – as always I love hearing what you have to say and keeping up to date with things via social media!

This week has zoomed past and I’m looking forward to some well over due retail therapy, hope evryone has a lovely weekend! xx

What’s in my Work Bag

Zara Backpack

I’m not sure this is actually a thing but I decided to mix it up a little and instead of just your reg. ‘what’s in my bag’ post, I thought I would give you guys a nosy in to my work bag – which is actually a backpack!!

Butttt…before you’re all thinking ew a backpack – how can a backpack look good?! I was so with you on this and felt like 1. backpacks are for school and 2. that I wasn’t cool enough to pull off the whole backpack look anyway. So why did I end up with a backpack?! It’s kinda simple – I bike to work and need something that’s safe and handy (should that be hands-free!!) that was still stylish and could fit my lunch in <<< most important factor!!

Anyway so I stumbled across this backpack in Zara a couple of weeks ago and I knew I had found the one!

Its a faux leather, black (of course) quilted backpack. I love the shape of this and I love the fact it’s secure and zips shut, and has adjustable shoulder straps.

Nowwww for the fun bit >>> what’s in my bag?!

What's In My Bag

1. A Water bottle = essential

2. Work lanyard/fob

3. Lipbalms <<< I’m all about the lipbalms and I seriously have to carry like a minimum of two!!

4. House keys – of course

5. Pair of glasses for my computer screen

6. The most amazing Moschino sunglasses (did I mention how much I love sunglasses?!)

7. Purse

8. Makeup bag

9. Hand sanitizer

10. Back comb brush – ya’know

11. Pen

12. Cute lunchbox!

13. iPhone duhh

14. Headphones

>> Don’t mind the numbers – they’re completely not in any kinda order!! I love these kinda posts – I am soooo going to do another one on my everyday kinda handbag! My work bag pretty much stays the same. I have locked drawers at my work desk so I keep things like my diary and a notebook there to save on carrying them about everyday!

What are your work bag essentials? I seriously love nosying!!


Activewear Goals

I am currently feeling dedicated and motivated with my health/fitness and striving towards my goals. Soooo of course I want to feel and look good whilst doing it and have been lusting after some amazing activewear.

Also – is anyone else slightly obsessed with motivational fitness inspired Instagram pages yaaahh?? My three faves at the moment are coincidentally Aussie gals Steph Pacca, Bianca May Cheah of Sporteluxe and Natasha Oakley swimwear designer.

Anyway so there are some pretty good sites out there dedicated to activewear – even if you’re a die-hard Nike fan, there’s some really cool and stylish brands out there that are fast becoming popular amongst gym bunnies. And so you don’t have to trawl through the internet to find some nice pieces to add to your collection!

Activewear Buys

Can you notice a lil bit of a theme going on here…?!

I love the idea of darker tones for workout clothes to help avoid the dreaded sweat stains visible on lighter colours…no shame in working out hard – I always feel as though I’ve had a good workout if I’ve had a good sweat, but sometimes it’s not the most desired look!! Click the links below to have a nosy!

Onzie Mesh Panel Legging // Lorna Jane Sports Bra // Slinkii Athletic Tank Top // Polar FT60 // Sweaty Betty Run Top // Sweaty Betty Luxe Gym Bag

Other websites to definitely check out >>>>>>>>

LuLuLemon // Missguided // Fabletics

So yeah! I have kinda come to realise that workout wear is pretty expensive, but if I would spend £70 on a dress why wouldn’t I invest  in clothes that [[perosnally]] have a positive effect on my workout! I think I have definitely taken some inspiration from my time spent living in Melbourne with this whole gym wear thing (they take it very seriosuly over there, I wrote a post about it here) I even spent the afternoon in my gym gear yesterday (clean ofc) just because…and I swear it boosts my attitude!!

And one last thing – I have a kinda guilty lil confession to make, I have become slightly addicted to the iPhone app MyFitnessPal – so much I had a dream about it!! <<< Issues, I know!! But if any of you haven’t checked it out it’s worthwhile, it definitely has made me more conscious of making food choices.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend – first day of my new job today ahhh!!

March Fashion Must-Haves

March Must-Haves

So working in fashion does have it’s perks in discovering new and upcoming trends – and usually leaves me with an endless list of must-haves and wants for the rest of the season! And to help make it easy for you guys, and to just share what I am lusting after this season, I have created my perfect wishlist/moodboard of what I think is hot this month – even though we are nearly towards the end of the month! Let’s just say it’s a kinda early Springtime collection of what I’m after in my wardrobe!

March Fashion Must Haves

Valentino Heels (I wish) £630

Zara City Bag £39.99

Kurt Geiger Sunglasses £70

Marble Effect Phonecase £12

Topshop Stripe Shirt £34

Topshop Joni Rip Jeans £38

Topshop Camel Trench £79

Boohoo Maxi Thigh Split Skirt £10

So aside from the Valentino shoes (how dreammmyyyy) I think everything else is fairly reasonably priced…I mean £10 for a thigh split maxi…yes please!! I am also obsessing over marble print (like everyone else) and definitely want to invest in this phonecase – anyone else struggling to find nice cases for the iPhone 6 plus – nightmare!

What are your  guys current fashion must-haves? Share the inspiration!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, I have had the most perfect Saturday catching up with a friend over food and drink – definitely some pics to come!


19 GB

Another week another GlowBites! And surprise surprise I’m back to the food related posts but I do have other things to share!

So yesterday I went for a celebratory lunch with my sister and a close friend to Eat Me Cafe in our hometown and it was pretty amazing as usual – my sister had never actually been before for the lunch menu so I was excited for her to get to try what they had on! I chose a Thai Green curry (quite a lot of their food has an Asian twist/inspiration) with brown rice and tofu – lemme tell yaaaa it was pretty hot!! And I had to be a little naughty and get a portion of their homemade skin-on chips to share –

Eat Me Sign

Eat Me Collage

Eat Me Bathroom

Eat Me Thai Green Curry


How cool is their style of decor?! The lion head photo is actually of their bathroom – sorry/not sorry for being a little weird  and taking a pic of a bathroom but I had to share! And of course a selfie of what I was wearing!

Also this week I thought I would share a few kinda miscellaneous things I have been loving lately…

Game Of Thrones // The Walking Dead // Gossip Girl (duh) // The Hunger Games (film and books) // Spotify

Can we just talk about Spotify?! So I created an account years and years ago literally before anyone cared so much about it, and when we were at Eat Me yesterday they had the most amazing tracks playing, like I seriously loved every song! And when I asked what was playing they said it was Spotify! Cue me coming home, logging in to Spotify for the first time in yonks (does anyone even use that word anymore?!) and trawling through the different genres/moods and playlists. I’m loving the ‘mood’ section – so many feel good playlists! Not sure about the £9.99/month fee for premium but we will see!

What has everyone been up to this week so far?

Happy Wednesday!

GlowBites X Outfit MashUp


Excuse time…(yawn) but I have been kinda busy with work and things and have been a lil naughty on keeping TGD updated as I promised I would, but here I am with my regular GlowBites post and shock horror it isn’t food related!! I hope you guys like this kind of post as I don’t do so many fashion related posts and I thought why not share the outfit stages/changes I went through at the weekend trying to pick the right look for a Saturday night in town!

*Just a little warning that if you are offended by cleavage then look away!! (Although lets be’s only one of the piccies!) Also please excuse any background mess you can spot and the mark on the mirror (grr so annoying) – I didn’t initially think of ever using the pics on my blog!


Ok ok ok this is not in any way trying to be an outfit post of the day or a look book – I took pictures of my outfit options so my gfs could help me decide what to wear and thought they would be fun to share!

And just in case you’re wondering, I went with option 5 in the end which is a dress from Aqua that I have only ever worn once before! Which outfit do you guys like best?! Let me know what you think!

GlowBites x My Favourite Blogs

TGD 17

It feels like forever since my last GlowBites post! Sometimes it feels as though every other post is a GlowBites one so I wanted to throw in a few other posts and then of course return to my weekly thaaaang (LOL) And seen as I am loving blogging/reading blogs at the moment (btw…how well are bloggers doing at the moment?!) I thought I would dedicate this weeks GlowBites to the blogs that I without fail check daily, and help to inspire me as a blogger – plus a lil rundown of what to expect from each one if you didn’t already know!!

TGD Fave Blogs

The Skinny Confidential (Of Course)


Milk Bubble Tea

>>Cute lifestyle bits<<

Zoe London

>>Quirky/edgy lifestyle and makeup bits<<

Cupcakes and Cashmere

>>Amazing home style/DIY bits/Advice<<



Western Wild


Fashion Lush


Queen of Jetlags

>>Travel/Fashion/Blog Tips<<

The Sunday Chapter

>>Lifestyle/Recipes/Blog Tips<<

 I love finding new blogs! I have actually written all of these down because my list is getting longer and longer and harder to remember to make sure I check them all! I’m currently loving The Sunday Chapter – she’s an Australian Blogger and I love that her blog is really simple, easy to read but has so much interesting and useful content – a definite recommendation, check her out now!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far – nearly the weekend woo! What are your favourite blogs?

Plump Your Pout

Plump Your Pout

So I am not naturally blessed with the plumpest of pouts, in fact circa 2003 (secondary school/high school years) I developed a slight complex over it as one boy told me that I had a ‘small mouth!!’ (Mega LOL) Anyway so jokes aside I think most girls have  sought after ways to plump up our lips and make the most of them. I am guilty of neglecting my lips when it comes to makeup at times but I definitely believe it should be at the top of our priorities to keep them healthy and moisturised >> a moisturised pout = halfway there to lips a la Angelina Jolie!!

Whilst I was having lunch and catching up with a couple of girlfriends we got on to the subject of fuller lips as I had just received my CityLips lip plumping gloss. And this is when one of my friends (who happens to be a beautician fyi) mentioned that she had heard of a method that plumps your lips without using any kind of beauty product!! She told us how if you create a suction around the lips, whilst the lips themselves are being sucked in to what is almost like a ‘vacuum’ then it draws blood to the surface and makes your lips swell/grow. Now the kinda things she had used were the necks of water bottles and it had worked for her. There is actually a brand that creates lip plumpers that mimics this exact suction/vacuum effect that you can watch here and buy here.

Now before you all think WTH and is she crazy I googled this craze and look a little more in to it and actually found endless posts and tutorials on how to use this method at home with simply using products you would already have around the house. So I decided to test out a couple of the methods and decided of a firm winner…the bottle cap.

So bear with me here…

 Yes it is just a regular bottle cap from any kind of drinking bottle – they are all pretty a standard size/depth. The technique with the bought version is exactly the same as with your DIY home alternative. Now I apologize as I won’t be creating or uploading a video on how to do this anytime soon (you look kinda crazy doing it!) But I will describe how it’s done.

Firstly, it is your choice whether you want to start with product free lips or to coat them first with a little lipbalm – either works just fine. Secondly you wana take your bottle cap (make sure it is CLEAN) and hold it over your lips >> smaller pouts will find if they pout they can pretty much cover most of their lips >> plumper pouts you may find you want to do this step in 2 parts. Once your pout is covered you want to suck until the bottle cap is suctioned in place and it holds in place on its own – no hands. You will then start to feel a strange pulling sensation as your lips start to plump – you then have to continue the sucking motion so the bottle cap stays in place – do this for about 15 secs then release. Repeat this process up to 6 times.

Lips Before


Lips After

…After!! So I changed in to a different top here just to clarify! And you can definitely notice that my top lip looks fuller, especially at the outer corners! They look lightly more pink/red as the blood has been drawn to the surface. This was with 4 lots of about 15secs – so you can definitely plump them more!

TIP: You can help plump and accentuate the outer corners of your lips or the top of your lip by moving and placing the bottle cap – you can allow the bottle cap to simply cover just the top lip, or move the cap to the left/right. This works best too if you have already naturally fuller lips.

And don’t worry..there will be some redness/marks from the bottle cap around your mouth area but these die down pretty quickly. Just don’t over-do it with the suction – I have read some people have caused themselves to bruise from being a little over enthusiastic!! Your plump pout won’t last forever unfortunately, fullness can last for 2-6 hours depending on your natural lips and how many times you repeat the steps. Although I have to say I feel as though gradually my lips seem to have become fuller – maybe it’s psychological?!

I hope you enjoy my weird trick to help plump your pout…I would love to hear of any strange and wonderful beauty tips/tricks you guys have to share! Also why not pair your new plump bout with some Kylie Jenner style lip colour and see how I re-create her look here!

The perf Kylie Jenner-esque lip duo

Mac Duo

Pretty much every girl out there who loves her makeup has lusted after Kylie Jenner’s impeccable lip game – despite the whole has she/hasn’t she lip job debate! It’s actually something I never thought I would be in to, don’t get me wrong I love a nude lip but I have always played safe with a more pinky-nude rather than a brown-nude. Fast forward to Kylie Jenner and she is totally bringing back the classic 90s brown toned lip…only way better. Buh-bye dull browns/way off lip liner and hello to a sexy natural brown that only KJ could make so on trend.

I wasn’t really on the hunt for a KJ lip colour but then I am always a sucker for lip products –  and if you haven’t sort of noticed already (see my lipcare faves here) it’s the one thing I can safely say I have waaaaay too much of…if that can even be possible! I kinda found this lip combo by accident and I actually love it.

So here are the stars of the post…MAC Matte Lipstick in Honey Love and MAC Lip Pencil in Spice (a fave with Michelle Keegan don’t you know!)

Honey love and spice

Lips 1

Lips 2

The top of these two pout photos is just the lipliner in spice all over which you definitely could wear on it’s own and is still Kylie-esque. The bottom photo is with the honey love lipstick on top and I love this look the best. When I first tried it out I found it hard to get used to as I have never worn a lip like this but I love it now – channeling my inner Kylie Jenner!!

Top Lip Tips:

❀ This look is all about being matte – but to avoid the colour catching on dry lips, moisturise them before starting your makeup and then clean with a makeup wipe to remove any surface moisture

❀ Try over-lining your lips – this wouldn’t be a Kylie Jenner look without a lil overdrawing. No need to go extreme, just start of bit by bit and gradually build on your confidence and your lip shape

❀ I can be a bit lazy when it comes to applying lipstick, but for a real perfected look and a true Kylie pout, use a lip brush to apply your lipstick over the liner – esp. if you have overdrawn as otherwise it can get a bit messy!

I hope you enjoy my holy grail lip duo in the style of Kylie Jenner – I would love to know your guys recommendations on products you use in creating her look!

Zara Delivery!

Zara Delivery Box

When I’m not shopping in Topshop you can definitely find me in Zara – I don’t think I ever leave without a purchase! The only downside for me is that the closest Zara is about an hour away from where I live ( no biggie it’s totally worth the trip!! ) so I decided to do a little online shopping instead!

Now I do genuinely love Zara but their website is a little lagging but it didn’t stop me from finding a couple of bits!! I kinda knew what I was looking for plus a purchase I wasn’t intending on originally buying! So at the moment I love slogan tees – they are literally everywhere – everything has gone pretty slogan crazy! I originally got inspiration from watching a YouTube clip of ThatPommieGirl and her fashion haul, and she featured a few really cute slogan tees from Zara…cue me rushing on to ! I decided to have a nosy at boots too as I have seriously been on the lookout for some new winter ones ( checkout my posts here and here about my search in Aus for the perfect Winter boot! ) So I was pretty good with my purchases – although I could have bought so much more – and here they are!

 ..First a lil sneak peek inside my delivery – who doesn’t get sooooo excited when they know an online delivery is due?!

Zara tee

Zara Boots

Fyi the slogan tee was so hard to photograph and get all the words to show clearly – I even checked the website and their photo is pretty similar!! But to clear it up it reads – Chocolate – French Fries – Hot Dog – Ice Cream – Pizza – Milkshake – Hamburger!! I got it in size M and it is pretty generous in size, it’s a baggy tee fit and quite long too which I really like as I don’t actually have many tee’s in this kinda style – and it was only £19.99!

Ahhh the boots!! They are this gorgeous minky colour that have a pointy toe and just the right amount of heel – I have worn these walking about Manchester shopping and can safely say I lasted the whole time just fine in them – hooray for comfy shopping heels! I think these were about £50 but they’re so wearable they’re definitely good value.

What are your favourite online sites?

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

Fitness Probs ♀

Fitness Probs

Okay this is definitely one of those first world problem kinda posts ( and more for the girls ) but it’s just a bit of fun…Me and my sister do the same workout programme at the moment and we both started moaning about girl type things/problems so I thought why not create a list of the ‘dilemmas’ that us girls face when working out!

♤ Whether or not to wash our hair pre/post workout – it will only be getting sweaty again at some point in the near future!

♤ How much makeup?! For those of us who aren’t quite ready to go totally bare-faced and au-naturel, it’s a daily dilemma of whether that MAC girl about town lipstick is a bit OTT…

♤ Noise and some personal space – if like me and my sister you focus on at home workouts and still live at home, then finding a reasonably quiet space to workout can be a nightmare – famous last words…’please don’t disturb me I’m gona be working out’ and your mum strolls in mid plank!!

♤ Prioritising friends/family/bf and whatever else with your workout schedule – you want to eat-out but you want to look and feel good doing it >> which equals a workout somewhere in there!

♤ Or being a complete social butterfly and bumping in to everyone you know at the gym and spending half your workout on the bikes talking even though you finished on the bikes half an hour ago…

♤  Total Comfort vs Looking Good – there’s always that one gym bunny who looks perfectly flawless and stylish in her gym gear whilst we sweat it out in our bf’s old t-shirt

♤ Taking those all important progress selfies and then chickening out from ever posting them!

♤ Knowing you deserve that rest day but constantly guilt tripping yourself and feeling totally guilty for not getting a workout in!

♤ The vicious cycle of having a bad body day >> not wanting to head out to the gym >> realising going to the gym is going to help you feel better about your body >> but you got upset and bothered so you still don’t want to go as you might not give it your all/you’re not in the mood anymore.

♤ Treating the gym as a mean girls-esque high school social map..and finding the perfect balance between the cardio bunnies and the weight-lifting sistaaaas.

Do any of you have any l-o-l gym/workout moments? I think yoga inflicted workout problems deserve a category all of their own!!

Happy February!

Ps – sorry for the lack of posting or warning of no posting – I went on a last min ski vacay and had like zero wifi connection for a week!! > Pics to come! ❆

NB. Photo sourced from WeHeartIt and edited by me.

Dry Shampoo Saviour

Dry Shampoo 1

I just have to say it right away and put it out there before I write anything else…the dry shampoo I’m going to rave to you guys about is 99p..!! Yep. Under £1. I know. And it’s the best.

So here’s a lil back story for you all on my journey of a love/hate relationship with dry shampoo. Being naturally brunette was a bit of a bummer when dry shampoo first hit the shelves. The range and variety was initially minimal and therefore wasn’t so appealing to darker haired guys n gals everywhere. The first formulations left hair kinda chalky and straw-like that could be spotted a mile off from the grey-ish dull texture that it gave to darker hair. Blondes had it all – my sister was an absolute lover (and still is) of dry shampoo and even baby talc to help mask those greasy roots. For blondes it was a no-brainer, they could freshen up their hair anddd as an added bonus even help lighten any root re-growth!!

And another thing. I had this irrational cringe-factor at the feel of it in my hair. Even now the thought of it makes me shudder a little!! I hated how dry shampoo felt when attempting to massage it in with my fingertips – call me crazyyyy I don’t know what it was but it steered me away from dry shampoo for a long lime – like we are talking years here!

Obviously dry shampoo formulations have waaaayyy surpassed the early days and now you have different scents and different tinted versions for every hairtype imaginable – rejoice dark haired girls!! And so it was time for me to venture back out there in to the world of second and third day hair lovers. Now this is the part where I tried and tested so many different versions of dry shampoo. From mousse to powders to spray. And I have found a firm fav which has become a household staple with all of my family – including my brother (he will kill me for telling everyone!) and it’s from…Wilkinsons. You heard it right and you heard it here first!! It was a total accident I wasn’t even really looking for it the day I spotted it and for 99p I thought it was definitely worth a try. I got the version for brunettes which is slightly tinted, but there’s a million other types for diff hair. Lemme give you a run down of the pros to this holy grail hair saviour:

Brunette dry shampoo

♡ it smells divine

♡ the texture is fine so you can barely feel it in your hair

♡ the tint is natural and easily blended (and no nasty colour transfer!)

♡ it actually lasts ages!

♡ ..oh and did I mention it only costs 99p?!

Seriously, anyone who struggles with not washing their hair regularly or for those who want a bit of a volume boost or added texture – this is it. I have honestly tried much higher range versions which are still okay but don’t out-perform this guy.

Next time you’re anywhere near a Wilkinsons (deffo just a UK thing I’m afraid!) go grab yourself a bottle..or two..or three – the secret is out now so better stock up!!

ps. I totally feel like this is one of those #firstworldproblems kinda things..I’m definitely gonna have to do a good deed for the day to help restore some balance in life!  ☮

GlowBites x Winter WishList

No. 11 GlowBites

Heeey there 11th GlowBites post – loving the cute pic I created above!! Anyway so this is a GlowBites post I have never done before but it’s kind similar in that I have 5 images ( I usually try to stick to 4 or 5 images max ) but in the style of a Winter Must-Haves/WishList! I am such a list lover – combine that with the website magic of and you can create a visual wishlist – I know, why haven’t I ever done this before?! So let’s go with the flow and I hope you guys enjoy and find some inspiration from my fave 5 Winter wants!

Winter 5 Wishlist

The Kooples Leather Jacket – £765

Topshop Mini Skirt – £35

Stuart Weitzman Over The Knee Boots – £480

Topshop Premium Roll Neck – £61

Topshop slim Blazer – £54

Okayyyy so this is a pretty steep WishList, but where’s the fun in a Wishlist if you can’t get a little imaginative and only wish or dream of the things you would buy! I think all of these are key pieces for my own style this season, I am loving dark shades – perfect with everything and super timeless/classy. Over-the-knee boots are definitely a trend I will be buying in to this Christmas and they definitely have cheaper alternatives of these Stuart Weitzman boots at The leather jacket I fallen in love with – I used to be a huge All Saints fan but this one is definitely becoming a winner in the LJ stakes. Surprise surprise everything else is Topshop which i can’t get enough of at the moment – they are on point with winter pieces!

And actually Winter WishLists aren’t too far of a dream when you can find such good ways to save whilst spending…I found out that at you can actually buy gift cards ( Topshop included of course! ) around 15% cheaper than their valued price! And you can make money too by selling any unwanted gift cards that you have laying around – bonus!! Definitely worth a check before you purchase as there are so many Brands and they’re such an easy and safe way to purchase online!

Sooooo my week ( other than dreaming and lusting for the perfect Winter outfits ) has mainly been spent working and Christmas shopping ( duh! ) s e r i o u s l y how is it only a week until the big day?! I actually really enjoy Christmas week at work, I love the buzz and excitement of it all!!

Hope everyone’s enjoying a festive week so far! ❄

Leeds Shopping Bits!

So a Sunday spent shopping in Leeds was quite productive – I feel like I can always buy something on whatever budget I have as there is so much choice. I feel as though I would go as far to say that it is my faveeee city for shopping at the moment! It literally has every major branded shop you can think of and more, with the pretty big market and cute arcades filled with cute/original/totally cool independent stores from sweet shops to vintage clothing – there are even plans to build even more shop with a shopping mall planned for 2016!! The street style is another thing that I love Leeds for, I feel as though there’s a real mix of individual styles – it’s like people aren’t afraid to wear what they want!! I don’t feel as though I bought too much which is always a good thing for the purse! But I thought I would share a few bits with you guys so you can get an idea of what’s in the shops!

Primark – nothing overly exciting, just the usual bits – cute slippers, a couple of casual slogan tees, a candle, a running jacket that I actually love ( see it on here! ) and a couple of little decorations for the home! Oh and not forgetting some festive undies!!

Disney Thumper Slippers

Victoria’s Secret – so I already had one VS bra which I absolutely love which I wrote a whole blog post on before here. I then decided I had to have another one ( although a slightly different version ) andddd when I got to the till point they told me all VS perfume body mists were only £10 with a purchase so I grabbed the Bombshell one and I absolutely love it! People are always asking me what I am wearing – it has such a strong fragrance for a body mist!

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Body Mist

TK Maxx – I am loving TK Maxx so much at the moment and the one in Leeds is pretty huge!! I usually like to search home, shoes and beauty products – and I wasn’t disappointed with the shoes! I am loving slip on trainer-type shoes and when I spotted a Carvela leopard print pair I was seriously in love. They were a steal at £30 down from £100 and I have practically lived in them ever since!

Carvela Leopard Pumps

There are plenty of amazing places to have food and drinks in Leeds too and at the moment I am totally loving Leeds Trinity and Trinity Kitchen for food – you seriously don’t have to go any further! I recommend The Alchemist for post shopping cocktails and concoctions,  Giraffe for some good veggie options, and BangWok for quick, tasty and affordable Thai street style food!

If you have never visited Leeds before it’s an absolute must!! I think it is so up-and-coming and diverse – from Harvey Nichols to pop-up stores there is seriously something for everyone and it’s always such a pleasure walking about – I feel like there’s always something to look at and to do! ( Plus Neville LongBottom actor Matthew Lewis is from Leeds so it’s always worth a visit just in case you spot him! ) And it kinda reminds me a little of Melbourne which is always a plus as it is literally my favourite city in the world!!

Happy Shopping!

The Best Bras You Will Ever Find..!

VS Bag

Girls, stop the searching now…I have found the perfect bra!!! Seriously I never knew I could feel this much ♡♡♡ for a bra!

Okay so when I got back from Aus I decided to have a bit of a clear-out which included my underwear/lingerie! Now I have never really shopped anywhere that fancy for bras, just your usual places like M&S, Debenhams and occasionally Topshop for something a little more pretty. But when I went for a little bra shopping literally every one I tried on didn’t fit right or wasn’t flattering – I wanted the perfect mix of being comfortable, supportive and flattering…when it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing one but gives you the perfect amount of support and the most flattering curves in the right places! Fyi I was looking for bras that are more everyday, so fairly simple so they could be worn under any top, but not too dull and boring!

Cue…Victoria’s Secret! And it kinda happened by chance, I was shopping in Leeds and when I walked towards VS I thought maybe I should get measured here..?! I have never had a VS bra before but obviously having watched most of the catwalk shows I knew what they were all about. The whole shop is such an amazing experience as you feel like you have stepped in to some dreamy boudoir that looks and smells amazing! All of the girls are super friendly, and the girl who measured me was lovely. I like that their fitting rooms provide a top inside for you to try over the bras – to see how they wear under tighter tees which definitely helps as what I was wearing to shop in was loose fit so wouldn’t have shown off the shape so much!

So the bra in question is called the Demi Bra ( link to view it on the US site here  – and fyi I haven’t included my own pics of the bra as showing it unworn doesn’t do it justice!! ) and part of the Body by Victoria’s Secret range. I chose the colour champagne which is a very natural, nude/skintone colour that wears well under practically anything. Seriously – I feel like where do I start to describe this bra?! Its supersuper soft, it’s mega flattering without being overly push-up, it has memory fit so molds perfectly to your shape, the straps are the perfect width so they don’t dig in and offer plenty of support, the back of the bra is also quite wide ( 2 hooks) so you avoid the dreaded ‘bumpy’ look under tops and also helps your bra to keep in place. I literally forget I even have a bra on when I’m wearing this it’s so comfy, but I always manage to feel kinda sexy and never frumpy in it – like so many everyday bras don’t really do anything for you!

So the only downside I guess is that with living in the UK there is no online website where you can actually buy which means you have to visit a store and there are not enough of them here yet! But they are in most major cities, which I guess means you should stock up if you have to travel to one! The only other thing being that the Demi bra costs £39.50 which is more expensive than most regular department store ones, but I promise you it is so worth it! They wash well and wear really well, I swear there are no other bras like it – and something like that is definitely worth a little investment in!

…A little update…I only purchased one Demi bra at the time as it was my first one and wanted to try it out fully first, and I have since been back and bought the push up version of it! I decided to go for that one just to try something that was more for low cut, night-out outfits – it has more padding lower in the cup whereas the regular Demi doesn’t really have any padding ( it’s shape is given from double lining ) but to be honest having compared the two, the original still gives plenty of push up and is still my favourite!

Now just to work on that VS Angel body..!!

The Perfect Winter Scarf

Okay confession: I had serious scarf envy of my sister!! She recently bought a gorgeous tartan and houndstooth scarf from New Look that was actually pretty amazing. It’s oversized, super soft and surprisingly goes with everything. Not wanting to be a total copycat…I decided to go on the hunt for my own scarf as I only recently realised I have a serious lack of!!

Basically I fell in love with a scarf earlier this yer back when I was in Melbourne. It was from Zara and was just ah-mazing BUT…for some crazy reason I never bought it, and it will be one of my biggest regrets to date! I have since searched high and low for this scarf with zero luck. Zilch, Nada, Nothing. But I did manage to find a pretty gorgeous alternative from Topshop (shock horror!)

Although this is a completely different colour/pattern, it is still one of those over-sized blanket scarfs that are so cosy and soft. There are tons of the cape/scarves coming in to shops but this isn’t one of them – it is literally like the size and shape of a blanket! I chose this one because I feel that it will go with any colour (although I will probably be wearing mostly blacks and nudes anyway!)

Topshop Scarf

Scarf Look 1

Scarf Look 2

I have worn it practically every day since I bought it, it is so practical and a definite for someone like me who is always cold! It was £22 which I guess is an okay-ish price – I know my sister’s scarf was around £14 but there is a lot of material to it and I have already got my wear/value for money out of it!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday and start to the week!

Fitness #OOTD

I’m kinda loving getting in to #OOTD posts and thought..why not post a fitness version?! I am totally loving my workout gear at the moment (check out my previous post on my updated gym wardrobe here) and have definitely been trying to commit more to running again. It is pretty cold outside and I always find it a bit of a dilemma what to wear because you step out and it’s freezing, you know you will become a hot sweaty mess usually by the end of it (or is that just me?!) so you kinda want extra layers but then you don’t if you get me…

So for me, I have found the almost perfect outfit that keeps me fairly well protected from the cold/wind/rain, but also doesn’t have me over-heating and wanting to awkwardly remove a layer mid run.

Fitness #OOTD 1    Fitness #OOTD 2

Aaaahh please ignore my hand on these pictures, does anyone else find the iPhone 6plus so awkward to hold when taking pictures?! So a quick run through (excuse the pun!) of my go to running outfit for A/W is:

♡ Nike Free Run 5.0 trainers

♡ Nike Pro legging/tights

♡ New Balance sports bra (super important for support when running)

♡ The Balance Collection by Marika vest top

♡ Primark (<Yes I know!!) Running Jacket

So can we take a second to talk about how Primark is actually hitting the mark at the moment with really inexpensive fitness/activewear?! If you haven’t been recently you seriously need to check it out because the quality/comfort/effectiveness of their clothing during a workout is pretty good. I am definitely about having those moments where you maybe want to pay a bit more for a well-established brand (esp. when it comes to sports bras and shoes) but their clothing range is really impressive at the moment. I am a little bit in love with my running jacket from there, its a dark grey/purple colour with a subtle leopard print, and it is lightweight, comfortable and adds a little extra style when running – and it was around £12!!

This combo is definitely here to stay for the colder months, and I swear sometimes what you wear when working out can make a difference in your mental attitude towards pushing yourself, does anyone else get this feeling?! I’m hoping winter isn’t too bad weather wise so I can maintain running outdoors – I absolutely hate ice and can barely walk on it let alone run!

Hope everyone is having a happy and healthy week!


Eeek so this is my first ever fashion/style kinda post – and I gotta admit I’m a little nervous!! So for me and like a lot of people I know – Topshop is the go to place for any outfit for any occasion…not that I was on the hunt for an outfit for a specific occasion ( but then again does a girl need a reason to buy something new..?! My answer exactly!! ) So when I spotted this playsuit I instantly felt as though I needed it. To put it straight it’s kinda an all-rounder – the perfect day/evening outfit that shows enough skin in the right places, has a flattering style and cut, and is actually really comfortable – bonus!

Ditsy Floral Playsuit

Ruffle detail

Ready to go

The playsuit ( click here to see it on the website ) is v cut with ruffle detailing on both the front and back. The flower detailing is really delicate too – which I love! It nips in at the waist and floats back out. The arms are a long length and widen towards the ends – it has quite a 70s vibe which I have actually noticed a lot of in Topshop for A/W.

I wore this outfit to a meal with work friends last week, and put it with my blazer style coat from Mango, a faux fur scarf which was a gift, and my black fedora from Topshop which you can also see in my previous post here! The only teeny tiny fault I have with this playsuit ( and it’s really nothing to get worked up about ) is that with it being a little bit sexy with it’s deep v neck and back – it’s a little hard to disguise the back of your bra – and I’m not in to the whole see-thru but not really that see-thru bra straps! But it was definitely worth the sacrifice as I love everything else about the playsuit!

Also can you believe it is mid-season sales already?! I feel like it will be Christmas/Boxing Day sales before we know it!! ( Not that I am complaining, but I kinda am because good-bye any xmas money! )

I hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Sunday in York

Sunday was my brother’s birthday – Happy Birthday Harry!! And so me and my sister decided to treat him by taking him through to York for the day. It was such a lovely day, it has actually been forever since I properly spent a day walking about and shopping in York and I had definitely missed it, I used to love living and working there whilst I was at University, and definitely see it as a place that I could/would love to live in again in the future!

Anyway I thought I would post some pics of what I ate and bought ( of course! )

Banyan Collage

So originally we were going to head to Bills restaurant for dinner but it had quite a long wait so I suggested heading to banyan as none of us had actually been before and I had seen so many of my friends uploading pictures from being there! It is such a nice building and nicely decorated – the pictures I took don’t do it justice!! The menu was pretty amazing too, so many foods that I loved which is always a plus being veggie!

Food and Drink CollageOkay so on the left is a cocktail I chose – there were buy one get one free! – and I can’t remember the exact name of it but it was pretty strong, and had a mix of lime and passion fruit to flavour it. We all chose burgers too although we all had different ones! I went for a portobello mushroom, sweet potato and goats cheese burger which was simply tdf! Seriously – one of the best and different kinda burgers I have ever had. The chips were cute too coming in a sorta mini chip frying basket, but I didn’t eat many as my burger was so filling.

What i boughtI didn’t buy much in York but the few things I did I am so excited about – kinda geeky of me right?! We went to John Lewis and I never knew they stocked Emma Bridgewater and I had been looking at her products – esp her stationary – and was so happy to spot these two pieces! These are from the black toast collection and on the left is just a notepad and on the right is a weekly planner. I love (trying) to be organised and having gorgeous notebooks and organisation will help inspire me to keep on top of it..I hope! And I have lots of exciting ideas and plans to go down in my notebook, fingers crossed they all plan out!…I just wish I had got the matching pen now too! And I have always loved hats but then never felt brave enough to go out shopping wearing one, but I am so glad I grabbed this plain black fedora from Topshop – and it was only £12!


…and here is my shameless hat selfie that I Instagrammed later that night!!!


Not forgetting the Birthday boy himself, here is a picture of my brother harry blowing out his birthday cake candles – cute!

So if you have never been to York or the banyan you need to get yourself there, it is such a beautiful city and not as busy as other bigger cities but still has plenty of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Updated Gym Wardrobe!

Okay so after reading some of The Skinny Confidential posts on go-to gym outfits and clothing, I decided I needed a little re-vamp of my own! That, and having friends with stylish gym taste, I wanted to up my game a little! I noticed back in Melbourne that the gym fashion was on point ( read my post about it here! ) so I had in mind a few pieces that I wanted to add to my own collection that I’m sure are a must for most of you fitness gals out there!!

Sports Bra collage

So before you question…WTH didn’t you wear a sports bra before?! Yes i did! Although they are not the most flattering type – they were more of a crop than an actual sports bra, and although my new ones are not in your actual bra size ( both are size L ) they fit a bit more like a regular bra. So the first two pictures are of my New Balance sports bra which I bought from TK Maxx for around £20. The material is soft and not lycra like my older ones, which i actually prefer as it makes it so much more comfortable and flattering. The straps are adjustable too which helps to get a better fit and make sure everything feels secure! There are also removable pads in the front to help give a bit more shape. It is definitely my new favourite as it is durable, comfy and looks cute under my workout vests!

I chose the blue sports bra from VS PINK as I loved the colour and design! Again it is slightly padded and molded to fit your body and I loved the mesh detailing at the back. It is mega flattering and actually has a push-up effect that gives a little cleavage – however this makes it less suitable for high intensity workouts or cardio, and is better suited for a pilates or yoga session as it doesn’t offer as much support.

Sports top 1 Sports top 2

These two tops are also from TK Maxx and are by the same brand – The Balance Collection by Marika ( a women’s activewer/yoga clothing brand ) and are both a breathable, soft, cotton-like material. I wanted to choose darker colours so that they didn’t mark as easily or show up sweat marks!! The first pic is a simple black tank with a strappy detailing at the back which I love as I find it super feminine. The second is a dark-ish grey tank which has a black fleck through it. I like this one because it is slightly longer than the black one in length, and I usually prefer a longer length to work out in! It has a twist detail at the back, and is sooooo comfy!

Nike Pro Bottoms

I have actually been wanting a pair of these for a while now and now I finally have some!! They are just the Nike Pro pants/bottoms. For those who don’t know, they are a kind of tight/compression bottom that are a lycra type material and very tight fitting. They have no pockets, and are minimal in detailing, and have a stretchy waistband at the top. Mine are from Sports Direct in a size M and were £22.99. I definitely think I will be purchasing some more so I have a pair when one is in the wash, I just much prefer the look of a full length bottom than a crop, as I think it seems to balance me out a bit more!

And that is it! I am really enjoying getting back in to working out and have joined up at a different gym than what I used to go to before I left for Aus, and so far I am loving their classes – I never thought I would be up and having worked out by 7am!! Also – I would definitely recommend checking out TK Maxx for sports wear  and equipment, they have a really good range at the moment and some really good brands and products!

I have also started my Bikini Body Guide training again by Kayla Itsines, as I didn’t quite complete it through in Aus because of moving and then heading to Bali…so I’m excited to see how this time goes!

Happy Wednesday

If Summertime was a Shoe…

… it would pretty much look like these!

It’s practically winter here in Melbourne, but a little ( okay, well actually a lot ) of colour never hurt anyone right?! So if any of you remember back to my City Gym Fashion post, I gushed about the amazing gym style everyone seems to have out here and how shoes were definitely a statement piece. Well…I am now the proud owner of possibly the brightest pair of Nike RosheRun ever!!

RosheRun Collage

They caught my attention last week ( how could they not?! ) on my walk to work and they have kinda been on my mind ever since. Andddd I have to give credit to my boyfriend here for being amazingly sweet and surprising me with them after work on Friday!

They have a hot pink sole which kinda fades/ombres to orange – the name of the colour is Atomic Mango which sums it up pretty perfectly don’t ya think?! For anyone who doesn’t know, the RosheRun are very lightweight and thin which makes them super comfy and wearable. I know they’re more of a fashion sneaker than for actual fitness, but a little walking in them does no harm!

And as homage to my new Nikes, I have gone for matching nails too – who knew co-ord could be so fun?!

I felt like these shoes were too amazing to not share with you guys, and hopefully inject a serious dose of brightness in to your day! Do you ever get that feeling of looking at new workout clothes and instantly feeling more motivated?! I swear looking at these shoes makes me think of summer, long hot days, bikinis and sex on the beach cocktails – now time to put them to use and get that summer bod!

… Just a little tag along pic of what I had at Babble cafe today in Prahran – which is fast becoming my faveeee place ever so I couldn’t not mention it! I had some sweet potato fries and a Lychee Slap cocktail that was packed with lychee, mint, lime and chilli!!


Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! xo

Hello Winter Boots!

The moment everyone has been waiting for…the unveiling of my chosen pair of new autumn/winter ankle boots! ( And by everyone I mean meeee! ) I am so pleased with my new boots and I have been so excited to post about them, they’re so much more than just a winter staple, I have made a vow that I will be wearing these throughout summer and pairing them with shorts/skirts/dresses for more of an edge! Soooo, let me introduce you to the Rocha boot from Tony Bianco!

Tony Bianco Bag

IMG_20140430_095744 IMG_20140430_095819

Ta-Daaaaa! These are pictures of the Rocha boots brand new and unworn.

IMG_20140504_150830-1 IMG_20140504_150919

And here they are with me wearing them with some black opaque tights – it was so cold that day!

So without repeating myself too much from my previous post about What I Want from My Boots they pretty much nail everything I want in a boot, I feel that they are so universal and classic that I will be wearing these for the foreseeable future! Having discovered Tony Bianco out here in Melbourne ( visit the website here – be prepared to fall in love and parting with some of those precious $$$! ) I can definitely understand the hype from other blog posts on their shoes. They have every kinda shoe you can imagine – I doubt there is a girl who could go in there and leave without finding what they were looking for. The prices at Tony Bianco vary but on the whole are reasonably priced and affordable, especially when you consider the quality of the shoes.

Okay so the main thing I love about these boots is the silver hardware and the cut out and cross-over strap detailing. The buckles are a kind of brushed worn looking silver ( so they don’t have that sometimes cheap look boots can have ) and are fixed in place, with a zip and the back of the boot which makes them super easy to slip on and off. The boots are made from leather and feature a dual strap cross-over which you can see from the front, and then come across the side to meet the buckles. The heel height is just perfect ( about 4cm ) for daytime and i will definitely be wearing them for more casual nights out.

The sizing is a little larger than average, with the shop advising me to go half a size down to an AU 6.5 ( UK 4.5 ) which fit perfect. I can’t wait for them to get that little bit of a more worn in look that I love with leather! xo

IMG_20140505_172331-1-1    Ps…I thought this piccie was fitting for my autumn/winter themed post and I thought the colours looked so lovely!

What I Want From My Boots…

So whilst I was busy browsing the internet to try and find the perfect Autumn/Winter ankle boots, my mind sort of wandered and I kinda decided that shoes are like men. Now I haven’t entered the search for my idea of the perfect ankle boot lightly, it’s taken time to make sure I’m going for the right thing ( see where this is going?! )

My first thought is that we are usually drawn first to the shoes that attract us the most, they are often the most flashy or eye-catching,  maybe not even for the right reasons, and are most likely to be the most pricey. That moment of admiration is usually offset by our brains kicking in and telling us they are not the most practical pair of shoes. They will probably only go with a handful of outfits, they are deceivingly comfy when you try them on in the shop but once you take them home their comfort levels begin to change on you – and for the worse. We are all guilty of buying that one pair of shoes for that one outfit, and then finding no other occasion that they are suitable for; maybe they are too bold and clash with other things or maybe you simply don’t feel that same connection you had with them to when you first laid eyes on them.

Cue the ‘goes with anything for any occasion’ kinda shoe that you simply fall in love with and don’t want to let go of. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – they are your best friend every season. Not only do you love how they look, they are comfortable, practical and always treat you kindly ( no nasty surprises! ) You search for ‘the’ pair and when you see them you know. They can take you from daytime to nighttime, no outfit is ever compromised by their fabulous style. Even after a hard day shopping, or a night out partying they are there for you and don’t judge how many new dresses you bought or how many drinks you had. They’re always there.

Okay okay, so chances are we all have more than one pair of shoes that we love but I guarantee there is a certain style that we always go back to or have to have in our lives. And okay not all guys can be stereotyped like this, I just found some of the resemblances a little uncanny! I know living in England and here in Melbourne boots are essential with the weather, but I have always loved when people pair their wintery ankle boots with a summer dress to give it that edge. There’s no doubt a good pair of ankle boots can be pulled out of the closet and worn in almost any season and can totally change the look of an outfit, they can even be life-changing!!

For me what I want is something with a little heel to help give me that oomf! ( if you know what I mean!! ) Give me some detailing, but nothing OTT and preferably silver hardware. Weirdly I have only really ever had one pair of black heeled chelsea boots at home I have often gone for tan so I am definitely going for black boots. I have actually found them, the pair of boots that I have fallen head over heels with ( LOL ) but  for now I am keeping hush as I am going to do a post on them at the weekend!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far xo

Ps Just a quick note …. This post is a bit of fun so please don’t be offended or take it too seriously!!

My Jewelry Confession

It’s fair to say i have gone through different phases with jewelry and kinda developed a love/hate relationship with it! Okay…so I have never completely hated jewelry, but I have gone through stages of not wearing any at all or completely changing my mind on pieces I have. I have several watches which I have loved at the time of buying them, worn them for however many months, then slowly begun to ‘go off’ them – an expensive habit I know!! So over the past year I feel as though my taste and style has evolved the same opinion I now have with clothing – the more simple the better.

I have gone through stages of preferring gold coloured jewelry, to the infamous craze and obsession that everyone had with rose gold and at the moment, and I can safely say that probably for many years to come, my loyalty lies with silver – or silver coloured jewelry. There are also moments where I have thought the more the better and gone for multiple rings, bracelets and maybe a necklace – strangely I have never felt as though I have suited earrings very much even though I have had them pierced for years. I guess I kinda look back and see my jewelry style as a fashion phase.

….However, following on from my phase of covering my hands with jewelry there came a jewelry drought – I would not wear any jewelry whatsoever! Thinking back, I’m not sure if it was part laziness/indecisiveness/lack of interest. I have always enjoyed browsing jewelry and do believe the right pieces can transform an outfit, but even just simple everyday jewelry was not a part of my life!

Sooo, what I want to show you is the few ‘key’ pieces I have that I feel are simple, classic and so versatile – I genuinely love each piece for a different reason and feel comfortable in wearing them everyday.

IMG_20140427_183340-1          IMG_20140427_183335

IMG_20140427_180028          IMG_20140428_092427

I only have three pieces that I genuinely would wear everyday I guess they’re kinda my staple pieces – I do have fashion pieces that I wear on occasion however most of the time I stick to these three. From the top left i have a white leather Pandora bracelet ( 2 pictures so you could see how it wears! ) a nude coloured silicone watch from swatch – i love it because it is so simple, and finally ( and probably my favourite! ) is my Pandora ring which I received as a Birthday gift last year from my boyfriend. ( FYI my nail polish is My Very First Knockwurst by OPI! ) I think if I was to add anything to my collection for everyday I would add a necklace – one I have had my eye on is from Dogeared and called the Karma necklace and I love the meaning of it and its simple design which actually all of the Dogeared designs embrace ( click here to see it! )

I love that jewelry can change up an outfit or make a statement, as corny as i sounds I think it is intimate in that it reflects your personality and is totally personal in how you wear it – even more so than clothes! Although I think it has taken me a while to appreciate this with my kinda mish-mash of jewelry style before! Happy Monday xo



Long Weekend Fashion

So I haven’t written a specific fashion post yet and bought a couple of pieces over the long weekend to wear for some Sunday socialising and thought I would share! Lately I have been drawn towards darker clothing and more simplistic styles for autumn time here in Melbourne – a little different to my style back home which was probably  a bit more girly. Living here I have definitely developed a more minimalist style, I love the effortlessness that the people here seem to have its like everyone simply threw on an outfit – its in their genetics to completely own what they wear.

I am determined to have a wardrobe for my newly adapted style, I am picturing mainly black/nude/white, simple classy and flattering pieces. Sounds kinda dull but I don’t think anyone can ever go wrong with simple colours, who doesn’t love an LBD plus black is super flattering ( most of the time! ) There are so many things I have mentally taken note of for my new wardrobe already!

Anyway…Sunday we had plans to meet friends and go for drinks and obviously I had nothing to wear so had to have a look around the shops! I went to French Connection and was really drawn to a pencil skirt that was a black/grey/white almost a kinda tartan style print. I don’t think that I would have been attracted to something like this before but having seen a few pieces in similar print around the shop I decided I had to have it! The fit is flattering, it is stretchy but not too tight, and is high waisted which is always a winner! Plus there was 25% off over the long weekend so it was a no-brainer!

Coming to Melbourne I had to limit my shoe packing and didn’t bring any black heels so I decided to go on a hunt for some simple black heels that I could put with anything and everything. I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for but instead bought some amazing nude and black heels from Steve Madden that were actually in the sale! I love that they have a Velcro fastening around the ankle – so easy to take off after a night out! They are a pointed pump/slingback style and I’m sure they will go with so many things. I paired the skirt and shoes with a simple black cami style vest that I brought from home and my black leather jacket.

                                          skirt                      shoes


How cute is the tote bag I got with the shoes from Steve Madden?!

Hope everyone had a lovely long weekend and Easter! xo its my sisters birthday back at home, she is an amazing, caring individual – she is my best friend and I’m so proud of her! So I would like to wish her a Happy Birthday and an amazing day xxxxxx






City Gym Fashion

So one of the first things I decided to do out here was to sign up to a gym – to keep fit and healthy and to give me an opportunity to socialise and meet new people! And this is kind of a two-in-one post on the gym I go to (because I love it so much!) and the difference in gym fashion over here compared to the UK.

When I bought gym clothes at home I guess I have always shopped around for something practical, comfortable and not completely hideous. I wouldn’t feel out of place in a gym in the UK in a baggy t-shirt and maybe some Nike running bottoms. 10 000 miles over on the other side of the word and my gym wear definitely felt a little out of place! Maybe it’s a city thing, but I soon noticed the girls in Melbourne have an impeccable gym style! Slicked back perfected hair, lycra everything (usually in black) with a splash of colour usually in the form of the latest trainers. Walking about and dining in gym gear is the norm – at home I cringed at having to occasionally head to the supermarket in my gym clothes post workout! I love that that there’s a sense that gym wear is just as flattering and sexy as any other outfit and it’s just accepted as a normal part of life – how I think it should be.

Anyway, I am slowly replacing my gym clothes piece by piece as looking stylish whilst you workout comes at a price! There is so much choice here that it is almost impossible to not to want to buy a whole wardrobe of co-ordinated gym clothes. The shops that I have found that seem to be most popular are Rebel Sport, LornaJane and Lululemon. A perfect outfit here would be ankle length lycra trousers, a pretty asymmetric back sports bra and a lycra fitted top.

The gym I joined here in Melbourne is completely different to any I have been a member of back in the UK. Membership isn’t so cheap here but Kaya Health Club is sooo worth it, I feel like I genuinely want to go and be there! The gym itself is fairly new and is quite contemporary in it’s design and interior. It feels peaceful and clean which I find really important! The machines have so much technology you are spoilt for choice. The main selling point for me was that there are regular yoga and Pilates classes. I have always been a fan of yoga and have practiced vinyasa since I joined here. I then decided to try out the Pilates reformer class (where you use a bed/machine) and I love it! I had tried a Pilates mat class at home and felt the class didn’t do much for me but out here I really feel the burn! I feel the teachers/instructors really know what they are doing and are dedicated to their practice. I think I will actually be a bit upset if I don’t stay in Melbourne and have to leave the gym!

I thought I would leave the websites at the bottom of this post for those who want to have a look at gym clothes or Kaya as many of the images are protected so I couldn’t post them here! Have a happy, healthy week xo