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Radio 1 Big Weekend

Radio 1 Big Weekend

Hey all! So usually I try and keep to one theme for each blog post, but then I always find that I really enjoy these kinda ‘life lately’ posts so here’s my shot at it!

Radio 1 Big Weekend

If you didn’t already know, Radio 1 Big Weekend was at Burton Constable Hall this weekend and I had tickets for the Sunday. Kings of Leons and Little Mix were the bands that I definitely wanted to see, but we actually stuck around the main stage all day so we managed to see every act. Kings of Leon literally blew me away, I get goosebumps listening to Use Somebody now! Such an amazing day, even more so than I ever expected!


Okay if you love cooking and following recipes then you have to check out Yummly. I stumbled across it one day when looking for vegan recipes and now  I use it all the time. The best way I can describe it is a hub of online recipes. Basically there’s a collection of every type of recipe you can think of and you can filter your search to find exactly what you’re after. I also like that you can switch between imperial/metric measurements – I hate having to calculate this!

This Guess T-Shirt

When I saw that Topshop was featuring a Guess collection I immediately had to check it out. I am completely in love with the classic white t-shirt as it’s so simple. I would pair this with some distressed mom style jeans and black/white converse for a really chilled out look. Hopefully they re-stock this t-shirt as it literally sold out straight away!

Foundation Matrix

After chatting to a friend at work, she told me about the Foundation Matrix. If you are looking to buy a new foundation online and are not too sure on what shade you are, this tool matches you based on your current foundation! Pretty nifty.

Hope you enjoy my life lately post – I’m thinking of doing these regularly (like every Tuesday?) let me know what you think! xx


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