New Hair!

Just a quick post to show my new hair with a couple of photos I took! The salon I went to is called Joey Scandizzo on Toorak Road in South Yarra. I really loved the salon and the experience was so different to the hairdressers back home!

I got inspiration for my hair from Guy Tang (Look at his amazing hair transformations here!) and wanted a lighter ombre style hair. My hair before coming to Melbourne was lightened underneath and darker at the roots, however the blonder parts of my hair were quite golden and I liked the looks of the more cool tone ombre hairstyles. So here are the results of my first visit..!

So I’m not too sure how well these pictures show my ombre hair, but the colourist feathered through the lighter colour and then added an ash rinse to give it a more cool tone. The roots are darker and fairly close to my natural hair colour. I am pretty pleased with it and have booked back in for 8weeks time to keep on top of it and to help it grow.

The colourist did mention that my hair was fine and that she wouldn’t use too much blonde on the ends as it would further damage and dry my hair. I have recently bought Moroccan Oil Light out here and have been using it on damp hair after every wash to try and add some more moisture. I have also just bought silica (on recommendation from the pharmacist) which is a liquid form mineral silica, which is meant to help boost and improve the condition of hair, skin and nails. I am trying to leave my hair longer in-between washes too (so hard!) and avoid shampoos that include sulfates. Anyway I am excited to see if the silica works, and will do a post on it once I have tried it! xo

Sunday Date Night

I had made plans for me and my boyfriend on Sunday that I kept a secret as I wanted it to be a surprise! Sunday dinner time we went to Hunky Dory’s for fish and chips which were soooo good but we definitely ordered too much!

 I thought it was so cute that our sauces came in these shells!

 We then headed to the city and to the Melbourne Star about 8.30pm! The whole journey round on the star takes about 30mins which goes pretty quickly. The views towards the top were amazing, I love cityscapes and especially at night when it is all lit up!

It was such an amazing evening out and the wheel made such a cute date night! xo

Beauty Wishlist

In the UK I worked for a very popular and well-loved cosmetics and skincare brand which I absolutely loved – work never really felt like work, and one of my biggest passions is all things which are beauty related. Working for this brand also allowed me to test and try other products from the other company brands which was just heaven! So, I prepared and stocked up on most of my skincare and beauty essentials prior to my move to Melbourne, and so far my products have lasted me well – although there are constantly new products being launched and I’m a sucker for them!


The products listed are a mixture of skincare and cosmetics which I have been looking in to and researching, and I have found them through recommendations on popular beauty bloggers blog posts, YouTube channels, and some simply through shopping around, so here goes!


Foreo Luna (for Combination Skin)


I remember discovering this product after watching a video post from Chloe Morello (click here to visit her channel) and thinking I need this product! I have oily skin and very open pores so cleansing is a must to help minimise and prevent build up and further stretching of the pore walls. The rage for clarisonic and other similar products had never previously appealed to me but I feel that the Foreo appears different in that it is perfectly simplistic. It is basically a device that boosts the cleansing step to your skincare routine. It is made from silicone with one side being partly covered in small ‘touch points.’ You cleanse as normal and use the Foreo to help further break down, loosen and remove dead skin cells, and cleanse the pores more efficiently through its pulsations. The reason this is on my wishlist and for me wins over other cleansing devices, is that it is completely waterproof, more hygienic as it is easy to clean, it is simplistic – there are no extra parts or need for replacing brush heads, and a single charge lasts up to 450 uses. Foreo also provides a two year warranty which is reassuring and gives you peace of mind.



GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment


I found this product whilst shopping in a Mecca Cosmetica store at Chadstone. I had briefly heard and seen it in a magazine back home but never looked in to it anymore. Personally, mud masks are a god-send as they help to withdraw excess oil and impurities from pores. The Glam Glow mask is the mud masks of all mud masks; it contains added benefits such as glycolic and salicylic acid, eucalyptus, aloe, liquorice and a blend of other ingredients including patented pore reducing and rejuvenating technologies. It promises for a better, more rejuvenated skin and many other benefits and I think it is important for all skin types to regularly include face masks in their skincare routine. The appeal of this mud mask to me is that the extra added technology promises of a more refined skin texture with pores minimized, and also works on photo and age damaged skin – which is a concern due to how much time I have been spending in the sun over summer here in Melbourne!


Becca Cosmetics Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation


I find that probably like most people I go through phases with which products I use. Foundation is pivotal as it creates the base for the rest of your makeup to be applied. Everyone wants to have that perfectly flawless face that looks natural but also helps to conceal any imperfections. I read about this foundation through a blog post on and immediately I knew I would have to purchase this foundation at some point! Trying to get a hold of it in the UK proved difficult, I could not find a counter nearby that stocked all of the Becca products and so I couldn’t get matched up for a colour! What appeals to me is that it is a soft focus matte foundation – I prefer a matte finish due to having oily skin but don’t want to have that overly powdered look. My skin tends to turn foundations shiny particularly on the nose and cheeks. It also means that foundations don’t seem to wear very long on me so I have to touch up throughout the day. Since moving here I visited David Jones and was able to test the foundation and I am just as impressed as I hoped I would be! There is a great range of tones to suit different skins, the feeling was velvety on the skin but not heavy, and it didn’t seem to move or ‘melt’ off! The only reason this is something that is on my wishlist and not something I have purchased is that I cant justify buying it yet as I bought three of my current foundations to bring with me to Australia which need using up first! 


Kevin Murphy Angel.Wash and Angel.Rinse


After visiting the hairdressers today (I am going to do a post later on my new hair!) I was recommended the Angel range of wash and rinse by Kevin Murphy. I have become more conscious of what I am using on my hair and trying to protect it from heat and too many chemicals. I have been buying shampoo and conditioner that are free from sulfates, parabens and that are not tested on animals. My hair has also become a lot more fine over the years and can dry out at the ends regularly. As it was my first time at this salon I thought I would come home and do my research on the products a bit more, and have decided that I will definitely be treating myself to them on my next visit! The products are sulphate and paraben free and also cruelty free. The Angel range is perfect for me as it is for fine, colour treated hair to help add volume without weighing hair down or making it greasy. The list of gentle, natural ingredients and their benefits is amazing too, there is so much packed in to just the one shampoo!


I am so excited to hopefully purchase and try these products soon! I like to take care and do some research in to products before I buy to make sure they are right for me, as it is always a pain when a product goes unused and you usually end up giving it away because it  doesn’t suit you! Hope everyone is enjoying the week so far and looking forward to the weekend! xo 


City Gym Fashion

So one of the first things I decided to do out here was to sign up to a gym – to keep fit and healthy and to give me an opportunity to socialise and meet new people! And this is kind of a two-in-one post on the gym I go to (because I love it so much!) and the difference in gym fashion over here compared to the UK.

When I bought gym clothes at home I guess I have always shopped around for something practical, comfortable and not completely hideous. I wouldn’t feel out of place in a gym in the UK in a baggy t-shirt and maybe some Nike running bottoms. 10 000 miles over on the other side of the word and my gym wear definitely felt a little out of place! Maybe it’s a city thing, but I soon noticed the girls in Melbourne have an impeccable gym style! Slicked back perfected hair, lycra everything (usually in black) with a splash of colour usually in the form of the latest trainers. Walking about and dining in gym gear is the norm – at home I cringed at having to occasionally head to the supermarket in my gym clothes post workout! I love that that there’s a sense that gym wear is just as flattering and sexy as any other outfit and it’s just accepted as a normal part of life – how I think it should be.

Anyway, I am slowly replacing my gym clothes piece by piece as looking stylish whilst you workout comes at a price! There is so much choice here that it is almost impossible to not to want to buy a whole wardrobe of co-ordinated gym clothes. The shops that I have found that seem to be most popular are Rebel Sport, LornaJane and Lululemon. A perfect outfit here would be ankle length lycra trousers, a pretty asymmetric back sports bra and a lycra fitted top.

The gym I joined here in Melbourne is completely different to any I have been a member of back in the UK. Membership isn’t so cheap here but Kaya Health Club is sooo worth it, I feel like I genuinely want to go and be there! The gym itself is fairly new and is quite contemporary in it’s design and interior. It feels peaceful and clean which I find really important! The machines have so much technology you are spoilt for choice. The main selling point for me was that there are regular yoga and Pilates classes. I have always been a fan of yoga and have practiced vinyasa since I joined here. I then decided to try out the Pilates reformer class (where you use a bed/machine) and I love it! I had tried a Pilates mat class at home and felt the class didn’t do much for me but out here I really feel the burn! I feel the teachers/instructors really know what they are doing and are dedicated to their practice. I think I will actually be a bit upset if I don’t stay in Melbourne and have to leave the gym!

I thought I would leave the websites at the bottom of this post for those who want to have a look at gym clothes or Kaya as many of the images are protected so I couldn’t post them here! Have a happy, healthy week xo

A Lazy Saturday

This is my first post on my new blog that is kind of a lifestyle blog where I will talk about most things that interest me and also what I get up to here in Melbourne! I have been here for nearly 4months now and so far I have just taken things quite easy, getting used to Melbourne life and the crazy weather!

Soooo, this Saturday was slightly cooler so me and my boyfriend decided to wander to the city. It’s quite a coffee/cafe culture here so we decided to head to Degraves Street which is this amazingly cute street that is packed with cafés and organic food and wine shops. It was so busy and we decided to stop off at Cafe Andiamo – an Italian style cafe – and it was amazing! Kyle ordered a cappuccino whilst I went for a chocolate milk that was served in a cute mason style jug and topped with ice cream, even though it was fairly cold out! We decided to share some cake and went for chocolate, I think it is probably the best looking and nicest tasting chocolate cake I have ever had! I swear people walking past were taking double takes it looked that good! It was a huge portion as well and we struggled between two of us to eat it all, and it was such a reasonable price (it came to less than $20) so we will definitely be heading back! I couldn’t not take pictures so here they are,



I had quite a chilled weekend, at the moment I am working midweek and it feels so good to have the weekend off! Hope this week goes fairly quick I am so excited for my hair appointment Friday – my first one since landing here in Melbourne! Hope everyone has a lovely week xo

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