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Positive Vibes

Another week is nearly over – seriously still living for the weekends here at TheGlowDown!!

So I thought I would share some recent things/bits/pics from the long weekend which mainly involved food, and a day out with the girls – we decided to go somewhere different for a change and I definitely appreciated it! And I love these kinda lifestyle posts, I find so much inspiration from other lifestyle blogs and definitely want to create that kinda vibe here on TheGlowDown!

Also this week I have really started to feel as though I’m getting more organised, I still want to invest in a really sturdy, good quality diary so if you guys have any recommendations let me know – I love writing things down I’ve never really used my phone as an organizer – only for the odd note or too! I’ve definitely been making lists here there and everywhere (not so organised right…) of my daily to do’s, health food shopping lists and a few lil payday treats!

Anywayssss I hope you have all had a lovely week – I’ve finally started reading The Secret and definitely feel more aware of my thoughts and the kind of vibes I give off on a more subconscious kinda level. I think I’m gonna really love the book, I think it has something that everyone can take from it and apply to their own lifestyle – even if you don’t agree with it all. I think it’s definitely worthy of a blog post when I’m done reading it so keep tuned! xx

Banana Pancakes

[The most beautiful banana pancakes ever. Made by me!]

Girls in Whitby

[Me & my beautiful friends in Whitby]

Me & Jordan

[Me & Jordan]

Georgia & me & Rosie

[Georgia & Me & Rosie]

Bread Loaf 1

[Homemade bread – made by my brother]

Bread Loaf 2

[…because 1 piccie doesn’t do it justice!!]

Healthy Blueberry & Yogurt Treats

Healthy Blueberry & Yogurt Treats1

Blueberries are one of my favourite fruits and actually one of the healthiest too! So when I stumbled across a post on Facebook about making some healthy blueberry & yogurt treats I couldn’t resist!

This recipe – which is so simple you can barely even call it a recipe! Calls for just two ingredients: blueberries (duh) and fat free greek yoghurt – simple recipes = totally approved of at TheGlowDown!

Blueberry & Yoghurt Treats Prep

Blueberry & Yogurt Treats Prep2

Healthy Blueberry & Yogurt Treats

>> Using cocktail sticks, dip your blueberries in to your fat free greek yohurt – making sure to coat they am evenly as possible.

>> Place on a tray lined with baking parchment.

>> Once you have filled your tray/used up your blueberries, place the tray in the freezer and leave for 2 hours

>> After 2 hours you can take the tray out of the freezer, and place your blueberry & yoghurt treats in a sealable bag or container

>> Enjoy!!

I kept mine in a freezer bag for ease, and reach for them usually once I’m home from work and feeling a lil peckish before tea or before I head to the gym. They are pretty cold to eat straight from the freezer (…) so I like to take them out of the freezer and leave on the counter side for 5 mins if I can. They almost taste ice-cream-like! I definitely think I’m going to try these with raspberries and strawberries next!

So let me know if you guys try these healthy blueberry & yogurt treats or have other healthy recipes & ideas for me to try!! I’ve definitely got a couple more healthy food ideas coming up on TheGlowDown over the next couple of weeks so make sure to keep checking!

I hope everyone has a lovely long weekend xx

May Must Haves: Home Edition

Hold the phone (is that the right saying?!) how are we are halfway through May already?! I think I’ve mentioned before that May is a funny month for me, it always brings back memories of school/college/uni when it was deadline/exam time. Yuck. Let’s not go there. But we are one step closer to the summer months!!

And lately I have become a little obsessed with home interiors and design and have been dreaming up the perfect wishlist of decor, colours and styles for when I decorate my own place (one day!) I feel like my taste in interiors has definitely changed recently – and definitely for the better! I would probably say that it has evolved as my own personal taste has changed and I guess I have matured (a little!) over the past year or so to bring me to this kinda style state of mind.

So once again, I have taken the effort out of shopping around and created a collage/moodboard of perfect home interior accessories!

Home Accessories

XOXO print

Industrial lamp shade

Zig zag cushion

‘Z’ Alphabet mug

Tripod stand lamp


Seychelles room spray

Seagrass basket

Grey knit throw

Really loving white and grey tones with a hint of metallics – clean finishes but complimented with natural materials. Again this kinda Nordic/Swedish inspiration that I did a post on before with a few room inspiration pics! Also I have a board on Pinterest (clearly it has more pins than any other board on my page!) that is dedicated to my new fave thing  – home interiors and design!! Seriously considering looking in to a career in it!

I’ve also slowly started to build up styling pieces for my desk at work and adding lil bits here and there to make it more personalised! I’m seriously loving H&M for their home pieces – I am going to do an upcoming post on my bedside organisation and my desk workspace so watch this space!!

Ooo also on a completely (or not so) un-related note, I have created a new e-mail account for TheGlowDown Blog! (Erm why didn’t I do this sooner?!) It’s so feel free to get in touch! Also keep up to date and follow TheGlowDown Blog on Facebook and Twitter – as always I love hearing what you have to say and keeping up to date with things via social media!

This week has zoomed past and I’m looking forward to some well over due retail therapy, hope evryone has a lovely weekend! xx

A lil Weekend Recap

Bank Hol Weekend

Because who doesn’t love the weekends?

Okay I feel yaaa sistaaaass who work in retail ( this was me not so long ago!! ) and now I am totally guilty of living for the weekend. Yep. Come 4.30pm on a Friday I am totally lovin life – although you will probably catch me having an early night anyway!!

So last weekend I had one of the best bank holiday weekends I’ve had in a while! I spent Saturday in Leeds, enjoyed a prosseco cocktail in one of the coolest bars ever ( I felt so SATC ) and Sunday night was spent at my cousin and his fiances engagement do – I have seriously never had SUCH a good time at a family party before!! Ooo I also received my first graze box on Saturday too which I have loved!

I also spent Monday day with my brother and sister and had a lil look round town, and then went for lunch which was really sweet – literally. We shared a cookie pizza for desert which was amazing and the waiter was really nice too – I’m a sucker for  good service it can make such a difference!


Prosecco Vivant

[Prosecco Vivant @ Angelica’s, Leeds]

Graze Box

[My first graze box!]

Cookie pizza 1

Cookie pizza 2

[Amazing cookie pizza]

I totally appreciate a bank holiday weekend now I don’t work in retail – a 4 day working week yes please!! And I love reading blog posts on what other people have been up to and what cool places they eat out in. I’m definitely going to try do more posts like this (and probably end up being one of those really annoying people who takes pics of food all the time!!)

Chow for nowwww xx



What’s in my Work Bag

Zara Backpack

I’m not sure this is actually a thing but I decided to mix it up a little and instead of just your reg. ‘what’s in my bag’ post, I thought I would give you guys a nosy in to my work bag – which is actually a backpack!!

Butttt…before you’re all thinking ew a backpack – how can a backpack look good?! I was so with you on this and felt like 1. backpacks are for school and 2. that I wasn’t cool enough to pull off the whole backpack look anyway. So why did I end up with a backpack?! It’s kinda simple – I bike to work and need something that’s safe and handy (should that be hands-free!!) that was still stylish and could fit my lunch in <<< most important factor!!

Anyway so I stumbled across this backpack in Zara a couple of weeks ago and I knew I had found the one!

Its a faux leather, black (of course) quilted backpack. I love the shape of this and I love the fact it’s secure and zips shut, and has adjustable shoulder straps.

Nowwww for the fun bit >>> what’s in my bag?!

What's In My Bag

1. A Water bottle = essential

2. Work lanyard/fob

3. Lipbalms <<< I’m all about the lipbalms and I seriously have to carry like a minimum of two!!

4. House keys – of course

5. Pair of glasses for my computer screen

6. The most amazing Moschino sunglasses (did I mention how much I love sunglasses?!)

7. Purse

8. Makeup bag

9. Hand sanitizer

10. Back comb brush – ya’know

11. Pen

12. Cute lunchbox!

13. iPhone duhh

14. Headphones

>> Don’t mind the numbers – they’re completely not in any kinda order!! I love these kinda posts – I am soooo going to do another one on my everyday kinda handbag! My work bag pretty much stays the same. I have locked drawers at my work desk so I keep things like my diary and a notebook there to save on carrying them about everyday!

What are your work bag essentials? I seriously love nosying!!


17 Things To Do On a Saturday Night

Saturday Nights

Saturday nights to me are mainly a night that I spend in now, and I kinda love it. That’s not to say I don’t go out to eat, or go for drinks and socialize anymore, but gone are the Saturday nights where it felt like a total waste if you didn’t go out – quite the opposite feeling now!

So I decided to come up with my fave 17 ideas for a cute/fun night in with either your bf or your bff or both!

  1. Play a board game. Seriously. Articulate and the Would I Lie To You board game are my two faves. A game of Monopoly doesn’t go a miss either
  2. Go out, buy a couple of lottery tickets or scratch cards and write out your bucket list – dream of all the things you would love to do if money was of no value
  3. Grab some cheese, some crackers, a slate serving board, a couple of glasses and some wine, and have the perfect cheese and wine night
  4. Toast some marshmallows over tea-lights, or if you’re feeling brave, over an open fire.
  5. Drive to a scenic spot – I live on the coast and love parking up along the south side of the beach. Take blankets, even pizza if you’re feeling hungry and chill out with friends/bf and watch the night sky. If there are benches or places to sit, why not wrap up in your blankets and get cosied up al fresco? (Get your minds out of the gutter…not cosied up like that)
  6. Mix it up. Literally. I’m talking making up your own drinks and cocktails. Go out and buy a few different juices and spritzers, or use what you have in already, and add to your fave liquor
  7. Make up your own game. I always make up silly lil games to play for fun and always end up having a laugh, and maybe even getting a lil competitive (my game, my rules right?!)
  8. Pick a Spotify playlist from the mood or chill section and let it play uninterrupted – no song skipping! Chill/make dinner/get cosy…whatever takes your fancy
  9. If you have your own outdoor space, set it up to watch the sunset or stare at the night sky. We have a swinging seat in the garden and I love summer nights when you can grab a blanket, light some outdoorsy candles,  pour a couple of drinks and just relax – no tv, no noise – just perfect.
  10. Make your own desert sundae. Get some ice-cream or frozen yoghurt and throw in whatever you fancy…chocolate, fruit, sweets, some meringue – simply share and eat!
  11.  Get organised. There’s nothing to stop you from clearing out and getting in an organised mindset on a Saturday night. Whether it’s your wardrobe, bedside table, or maybe the home office – we can all benefit from a lil revamp once in a while
  12. Two words – treasure hunt. Pick the treasure (sweets/chocolate/a new dvd) and layout some written clues to help guide you to the treasure
  13. Make your own quiz. 20 questions..a Mr&Mrs style quiz..anything really!
  14. Dress up for at home dinner. Make a lil effort but don’t leave the house! Even grab an M&S two dine in for £10 and make it real simple. Just dress as though you are eating out in your local swanky restaurant
  15. Have a Netflix series marathon – or choose a film that you have never watched/heard of before
  16. Take a hike…or just walk!! I think so many people underestimate the fun you can have just walking and the benefits it has! When I was in Melbourne I loved going out at night and walking and exploring around where I lived – it was seriously one of my favourite things to do, and still is now I’m back in my hometown
  17. Hide and seek. Adult hide n seek = best thing ever!!

Saturday Night Chillin'

Some Saturday night inspiration for you guys!! No-one should never have the excuse of being bored/not wanting to spend the night in anymore!! These things are low cost or free so seriously, anyone can do these any night of the week.

I would love to know your guys ideas on what you do on your Saturday nights spent in?!

Hope you all enjoy the weekend!!

Can you believe April is almost over?!

April TheGlowDown

Seriously can you believe it?! It’s actually felt like summer too here the past week the weather has been pretty amazing for April time.

This post is kinda in place of what was my weekly GlowBites post – I have decided I want to shake things up a lil and keep it fresh for you guys and so I will still aim for a kinda weekly update/catch-up style post but I decided that ‘GlowBites’ might not really mean anything to you guys so I’m gonna try keep it cool and just stick with TheGlowDown!!

Sooooo in a nutshell, this month I have indulged in two Thorntons easter eggs, partied on Easter Day, completed Kayla Itsines BBG (<<<that’s 12 weeks of workouts y’alllllll) been on some doggie walks, been on a couple of days out to York and Leeds and had my last day at Topshop!!

April Collage

So yep. April has been a pretty busy month! It’s also coming close to a year since I really got TheGlowDown up and running and looking how it does – I seriously didn’t have a clue about hosting, seo or anything so I’m pretty pleased with what I have learnt and done so far, still learning and taking things on board and have definitely picked up (hopefully) lots of tips from my first week in my new job, so stay tuned!! I’m thinking of giving TheGlowDown a lil revamp summertime too?! Lemme know what you guys think!! Summer seems a perfect time for something fresh right?!

Excited for the weekend although I have no real plans, I’m definitely on the hunt for some cool-ass desk accessories for my work desk – – – share any cool recommendations!

Activewear Goals

I am currently feeling dedicated and motivated with my health/fitness and striving towards my goals. Soooo of course I want to feel and look good whilst doing it and have been lusting after some amazing activewear.

Also – is anyone else slightly obsessed with motivational fitness inspired Instagram pages yaaahh?? My three faves at the moment are coincidentally Aussie gals Steph Pacca, Bianca May Cheah of Sporteluxe and Natasha Oakley swimwear designer.

Anyway so there are some pretty good sites out there dedicated to activewear – even if you’re a die-hard Nike fan, there’s some really cool and stylish brands out there that are fast becoming popular amongst gym bunnies. And so you don’t have to trawl through the internet to find some nice pieces to add to your collection!

Activewear Buys

Can you notice a lil bit of a theme going on here…?!

I love the idea of darker tones for workout clothes to help avoid the dreaded sweat stains visible on lighter colours…no shame in working out hard – I always feel as though I’ve had a good workout if I’ve had a good sweat, but sometimes it’s not the most desired look!! Click the links below to have a nosy!

Onzie Mesh Panel Legging // Lorna Jane Sports Bra // Slinkii Athletic Tank Top // Polar FT60 // Sweaty Betty Run Top // Sweaty Betty Luxe Gym Bag

Other websites to definitely check out >>>>>>>>

LuLuLemon // Missguided // Fabletics

So yeah! I have kinda come to realise that workout wear is pretty expensive, but if I would spend £70 on a dress why wouldn’t I invest  in clothes that [[perosnally]] have a positive effect on my workout! I think I have definitely taken some inspiration from my time spent living in Melbourne with this whole gym wear thing (they take it very seriosuly over there, I wrote a post about it here) I even spent the afternoon in my gym gear yesterday (clean ofc) just because…and I swear it boosts my attitude!!

And one last thing – I have a kinda guilty lil confession to make, I have become slightly addicted to the iPhone app MyFitnessPal – so much I had a dream about it!! <<< Issues, I know!! But if any of you haven’t checked it out it’s worthwhile, it definitely has made me more conscious of making food choices.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend – first day of my new job today ahhh!!

Why I Have Down-Graded My Skincare

Skincare Update

– ‘Down-graded’ in the sense of trying to get back to basics and simplicity in skincare.

At 24 there is something I have realised – I no longer want to use harsh/unknown/animal-tested products in my life anymore. You would think this would have clicked a lot sooner having being vegetarian/vegan on/off for years, but somehow the whole skincare part slipped my mind. I guess in an ideal world, wouldn’t everyone love to use all natural skincare – so we truly know what we are using?

Okay so I’m not quite there yet – but lately I have definitely been making a more conscious decision to change to products that are at least cruelty free where I can, and not so full of ingredients that I’m unaware of. But it’s also kinda a brand vs quality thing too, I have worked for a skincare/cosmetic brand and throughout that time heavily used higher end products in my routine…butttttt I have since found some great products that are just as good if not better at doing the same job and have not regretted the switch!

Sooooo here are some of the products I have switched to recently

New Skincare Staples

Going in order from L-R…

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Water

So I want to say first that I’m pretty sure Garnier does involve animal testing so I feel kinda guilty for using this product but I am looking out for alternatives! Aside from that it does do a pretty good job at cleansing and removing makeup. I have an oily skin type so I hate makeup removers that are oily/greasy on the skin. This literally feels so fresh on my skin and removes all my eye makeup.

Simply Pure Light Moisturiser Sensitive Skin (Superdrug)

Simply Pure Moisturiser

Kinda in love with Superdrug’s own brand products as they aren’t tested on animals/cruelty free! And I wanted a very light moisturiser that sinks in to the skin pronto and this lil one happened to also be on offer! It’s 75ml size too and usually the more high-end moisturisers that I have used before are 30-50ml so it’s definitely a mega bargain!!

Bare Minerals Firming Eye Treatment

Bare minerals eye cream

I have always been a bit of a stickler for eye cream, I have no real concern for the skin around my eyes (yet!) but just the fact that is so much more delicate then the skin on the rest of our face (50% thinner to be exact) makes me want to pay it some tlc. Bare Minerals also states that it does not test on animals – yey! It’s a really nice consistency – not too light or too heavy, and blends in really nicely. Its a 15ml tube and seriously last me f-o-r-everrrr!!

Deep Action Deep Cleansing Lotion (Superdrug)

Deep Action witch hazel

So I use this bad boy as a toner (so after cleansing and before moisturising) and it makes my skin feel uber clean. It has salicylic acid and witch hazel to help clean and tighten pores and eliminate excess shine – phew!! Again its not tested on animals/cruelty free, it’s inexpensive and honestly lasts me forever (I know I’m saying this about every product but I swear it’s true!!)

Okay so this next thing might have you a little bit like WTH but after reading Fashion Lush’s blog post on it I have been kinda hooked on this ever since…

Jade Face Roller

Jade Face Roller

Okay so basically you use this roller to help massage your mositurising products in to your skin – the smaller end for the eye area and around the nose, the larger end for the rest of the face and neck area. It’s freakishly amazing and literally feels as though it has been stored in a fridge – the jade feels super cooling on your skin which really seems to help perk my skin up in the morning. Totally swear by it! Fyi – I googled jade face rollers and bought this one from a website and it cost me about £3 total!!

…Annnddd finally the no.1 most useful, cruelty free skincare product that you NEED to have is…

Coconut Oil!!

I use it on my hair as a deep conditioning mask the night before washing, I use it to oil pull (post coming soon) to whiten my teeth, as a lip balm and on areas of dry skin! You can also use it as a cleanser/makeup remover if you maybe have drier skin or prefer an oily consistency to remove makeup!

So there it is! I did do a skincare routine post back when I was living in Australia which hasn’t changed too much apart from I have substituted or ‘downgraded’ some of the higher end products for the ones you see here. For me it wasn’t an issue with the price of skincare – as I do believe in investing in taking care of your skin, but the fact that there are a lot of similar products with very similar standards of quality and that aren’t tested on animals so it has just been a natural move which I am still continuing to do!

What skincare switches have you made? What are your favourite products? I would love to know!

Happy Hump Day!

21 Gossip Girl Quotes To Live By

GG pic

First things first lets address the elephant in the room and lemme start with a huge-ass apology for going all MIA on you guys and seriously no real excuse here I just seem to have waaayyy lost track of my days and feel like I have been pretty busy! So to fill you in on life in general I start a new job in a week and a half and have been planning on redecorating my room and a ton of other things I can’t think of but yesssssssssy I’m super excited to start my new job!

So the post is pretty straight forward – it’s a way of me showcasing my love  PURE ADORATION for gossip girl. I have been watching it on Netflix and I have felt a real bond to it this time round, I swear I feel as though I’m a part of it and even sported a Blair-esque headband for one day!! And I’m so close to finishing watching it all and so I have kinda postponed watching series 6 (serious issues I know) so I can drag it out a lil longer.

And if you haven’t realised it, gossip girl is literally a hive of life quotes an advice to live by. Really. So I have decided to quote my fave GG words of wisdom and share them right here with you guys…be prepared to re-evaluate your whole existence and live life the only way possible (the GG standard of course)

1. You’d better not be selfish. A woman remembers.

2. Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.

3. Earn the spotlight on your own merits. You’ll feel better.

4. Here’s my advice: Have a little faith, and if that doesn’t work, have a lot of mimosas.

5. If you go back with an uncertain heart, there will be drama and disaster for all.

6. Doing the right thing takes courage and strength.

7. Sex is meaningful, like art. And you don’t rush art.

8. I’m not a stop along the way, I’m a destination.

9. You don’t give up on the people you love.

10. Nothing lasts forever. And when one door closes, another one always opens. The only question is: Who’s waiting behind it?

11. People don’t tell you who you are. You tell them.

12. Things have a way of working out when you least expect.

13. Even when you’re not sure where you’re headed, it helps to know you’re not going there alone. No one has all the answers. And sometimes the best we can do is just apologize. And let the past be the past. Other times, we need to look to the future. And know that even when we think we’ve seen it all, life can still surprise us. And we can still surprise ourselves.

14. We always need a place to call home. Because without the people you love most you can’t help but feel all alone in the world.

15. No matter how far you run, you can never truly escape, everything catches up to you at the end and when it does, it usually kicks your ass.

16. Sometimes the only thing left to do is wrap your arms around each other one last time and then just let go.

17. There’s a difference between a great love, and the right love

18. If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back.

19. Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be. And sometimes you have to venture outside your world in order to find yourself.

20. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but what a difference a day makes.

21. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to be weak in order to grow stronger.


 And seeing as though this is a pretty lengthy post I will leave it here with the promise of being back to my regular kinda posting style!

Ps my fave quotes are no. 13 & 19 which ones are yours? Do tell!! ♡

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