Why You Need A Wooden Hair Brush

Wood for Good

Who doesn’t want healthy hair? And I bet that most of us want longer hair too right?!

You have the perfect hair oil that I mentioned in my previous post, so why stop there on your journey to the perfect hair?

It’s time to put down that tangle teezer and check out why you need a wooden hair brush in your life.

Here’s why…

☽  So a wooden hairbrush helps to absorb your natural hair oils which means when you brush through your hair it helps to distribute these oils evenly that help to keep it conditioned

☽ Helps to reduce static and breakage

☽ Provides a scalp massage particularly along the acupressure points – promoting good circulation and healthy hair growth

☽ If looked after, a wooden hairbrush will literally last you years & years – a definite worthwhile investment!

Tek Hairbrush 1

[Tek Wooden Hairbrush]

Tek Hairbrush 2

[Tek Wooden Hairbrush – Handmade in Italy]

I bought my wooden hairbrush a couple of years ago and honestly love it. It doesn’t drag like plastic bristle brushes tend to, it somehow doesn’t seem to get that unclean/messy, and it genuinely feels almost therapeutic when using it!

The brand I purchased is Tek which is an Italian brand where they hand-make their brushes. Did I mention that they are also FSC certified which means your hairbrush uses responsibly sourced wood. They are kinda pricey if buying direct through their website, however definitely check out your local TK Maxx as I grabbed mine there for a fraction of the price!

Let me know if you guys prefer plastic/wooden/any other type of hair brushes! Also if you have heard of or had any experience of the hair ‘inversion’ method I would absolutely love to know (blog post coming soon!)


Why I Have Down-Graded My Skincare

Skincare Update

– ‘Down-graded’ in the sense of trying to get back to basics and simplicity in skincare.

At 24 there is something I have realised – I no longer want to use harsh/unknown/animal-tested products in my life anymore. You would think this would have clicked a lot sooner having being vegetarian/vegan on/off for years, but somehow the whole skincare part slipped my mind. I guess in an ideal world, wouldn’t everyone love to use all natural skincare – so we truly know what we are using?

Okay so I’m not quite there yet – but lately I have definitely been making a more conscious decision to change to products that are at least cruelty free where I can, and not so full of ingredients that I’m unaware of. But it’s also kinda a brand vs quality thing too, I have worked for a skincare/cosmetic brand and throughout that time heavily used higher end products in my routine…butttttt I have since found some great products that are just as good if not better at doing the same job and have not regretted the switch!

Sooooo here are some of the products I have switched to recently

New Skincare Staples

Going in order from L-R…

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Water

So I want to say first that I’m pretty sure Garnier does involve animal testing so I feel kinda guilty for using this product but I am looking out for alternatives! Aside from that it does do a pretty good job at cleansing and removing makeup. I have an oily skin type so I hate makeup removers that are oily/greasy on the skin. This literally feels so fresh on my skin and removes all my eye makeup.

Simply Pure Light Moisturiser Sensitive Skin (Superdrug)

Simply Pure Moisturiser

Kinda in love with Superdrug’s own brand products as they aren’t tested on animals/cruelty free! And I wanted a very light moisturiser that sinks in to the skin pronto and this lil one happened to also be on offer! It’s 75ml size too and usually the more high-end moisturisers that I have used before are 30-50ml so it’s definitely a mega bargain!!

Bare Minerals Firming Eye Treatment

Bare minerals eye cream

I have always been a bit of a stickler for eye cream, I have no real concern for the skin around my eyes (yet!) but just the fact that is so much more delicate then the skin on the rest of our face (50% thinner to be exact) makes me want to pay it some tlc. Bare Minerals also states that it does not test on animals – yey! It’s a really nice consistency – not too light or too heavy, and blends in really nicely. Its a 15ml tube and seriously last me f-o-r-everrrr!!

Deep Action Deep Cleansing Lotion (Superdrug)

Deep Action witch hazel

So I use this bad boy as a toner (so after cleansing and before moisturising) and it makes my skin feel uber clean. It has salicylic acid and witch hazel to help clean and tighten pores and eliminate excess shine – phew!! Again its not tested on animals/cruelty free, it’s inexpensive and honestly lasts me forever (I know I’m saying this about every product but I swear it’s true!!)

Okay so this next thing might have you a little bit like WTH but after reading Fashion Lush’s blog post on it I have been kinda hooked on this ever since…

Jade Face Roller

Jade Face Roller

Okay so basically you use this roller to help massage your mositurising products in to your skin – the smaller end for the eye area and around the nose, the larger end for the rest of the face and neck area. It’s freakishly amazing and literally feels as though it has been stored in a fridge – the jade feels super cooling on your skin which really seems to help perk my skin up in the morning. Totally swear by it! Fyi – I googled jade face rollers and bought this one from a website and it cost me about £3 total!!

…Annnddd finally the no.1 most useful, cruelty free skincare product that you NEED to have is…

Coconut Oil!!

I use it on my hair as a deep conditioning mask the night before washing, I use it to oil pull (post coming soon) to whiten my teeth, as a lip balm and on areas of dry skin! You can also use it as a cleanser/makeup remover if you maybe have drier skin or prefer an oily consistency to remove makeup!

So there it is! I did do a skincare routine post back when I was living in Australia which hasn’t changed too much apart from I have substituted or ‘downgraded’ some of the higher end products for the ones you see here. For me it wasn’t an issue with the price of skincare – as I do believe in investing in taking care of your skin, but the fact that there are a lot of similar products with very similar standards of quality and that aren’t tested on animals so it has just been a natural move which I am still continuing to do!

What skincare switches have you made? What are your favourite products? I would love to know!

Happy Hump Day!

Top 5 Love Your Hair Tips

Processed with Moldiv

Eek yes that is my hair in the pic above!! Anyway so most of us are never completely satisfied with what our parents/genes/god gave us and that is especially true when it comes to our hair! And I am definitely someone who is never completely satisfied with my own – it never grows long enough, it gets dry and/or oily, it’s not as thick as I want it. Everything bar the colour (loving how my hairdresser colours it!) is always kinda in between – I’m talking a barnett with a mind of it’s own…who else is with me here?! So I have decided to narrow down my top 5 most important and crucial haircare tips that you can follow too to help rule reign over your do..

Haircare Collage

1. Use sulfate free shampoos – all those nasties essentially damage your hair as they are only in there to create a lather. Also avoid silicones if possible in your shampoos too.

2. Wash your hair less – Kim K only does it once every 5 days and so should you.

3. Use a hair oil – my favourite is the original Moroccan Oil. It helps soothe and smoothe, nourish and protect, my hair always feels a million times better when I pop some on freshly washed just-towel-dried hair.

4. Use less heat – banish those styling tools! Okay that’s a bit drastic but you should definitely limit them. Try let your hair air-dry or if you need to blow dry it, skip the straighteners.

5. Use gentle hair accessories – lover of a pony-tail or hair bun? Harsh elastics/bobbles break off your hair so opt for more hair friendly alternatives. Think alligator clips and invisbobble style bobbles – seriously they are the best thing since sliced bread..they even keep hair in place when working out!!

Oh and did I mention I am a serious lover of the sleep bun a la Lauryn Evarts on The Skinny Confidential? Yep the sleep bun means serious business and a must for that perfect next day hair with zero effort!!

What are your top haircare tips? Please Share!

Also check out my post here on the best dry shampoo I’ve found on the high street that only costs £1!

GlowBites x My Favourite Blogs

TGD 17

It feels like forever since my last GlowBites post! Sometimes it feels as though every other post is a GlowBites one so I wanted to throw in a few other posts and then of course return to my weekly thaaaang (LOL) And seen as I am loving blogging/reading blogs at the moment (btw…how well are bloggers doing at the moment?!) I thought I would dedicate this weeks GlowBites to the blogs that I without fail check daily, and help to inspire me as a blogger – plus a lil rundown of what to expect from each one if you didn’t already know!!

TGD Fave Blogs

The Skinny Confidential (Of Course)


Milk Bubble Tea

>>Cute lifestyle bits<<

Zoe London

>>Quirky/edgy lifestyle and makeup bits<<

Cupcakes and Cashmere

>>Amazing home style/DIY bits/Advice<<



Western Wild


Fashion Lush


Queen of Jetlags

>>Travel/Fashion/Blog Tips<<

The Sunday Chapter

>>Lifestyle/Recipes/Blog Tips<<

 I love finding new blogs! I have actually written all of these down because my list is getting longer and longer and harder to remember to make sure I check them all! I’m currently loving The Sunday Chapter – she’s an Australian Blogger and I love that her blog is really simple, easy to read but has so much interesting and useful content – a definite recommendation, check her out now!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far – nearly the weekend woo! What are your favourite blogs?

TheGlowDown Daily Top 10

Daily Habits

Here is my second weekly installment of a how to/DIY/to-do list style blog post and what better way to start your week and your month with making some new and positive changes to you day-to-day schedule!! So I have created my ultimate beauty/mind/health daily to-do list which I intend on doing for at least the rest of this month to help maintain a positive and balanced me! Plus…read on to find out my top secret #1 skincare tip!

 TGD daily To Do

Keep tuned in the next couple of weeks as I totally need to do a couple of posts on oil pulling (which I love) and jade face rolling – bye bye puffiness!

Andddd…here is my #1 to skincare tip (it’s so simple it’s silly)

Pat in your facial skincare products! That’s right – eye creams, serums and moisturisers! Don’t rub them in and drag your skin about, pat them in! They absorb better this way and I always feel as though my skin looks really fresh after doing it! Use your ring finger for around your eye, and the length of your fingers for the rest of your face and pat gently all over (inc your neck) until it is practically absorbed and you’re ready to go!

This week I’m keeping it short n sweet with my top 10 list! What are your daily to-dos for a better you?

Plump Your Pout

Plump Your Pout

So I am not naturally blessed with the plumpest of pouts, in fact circa 2003 (secondary school/high school years) I developed a slight complex over it as one boy told me that I had a ‘small mouth!!’ (Mega LOL) Anyway so jokes aside I think most girls have  sought after ways to plump up our lips and make the most of them. I am guilty of neglecting my lips when it comes to makeup at times but I definitely believe it should be at the top of our priorities to keep them healthy and moisturised >> a moisturised pout = halfway there to lips a la Angelina Jolie!!

Whilst I was having lunch and catching up with a couple of girlfriends we got on to the subject of fuller lips as I had just received my CityLips lip plumping gloss. And this is when one of my friends (who happens to be a beautician fyi) mentioned that she had heard of a method that plumps your lips without using any kind of beauty product!! She told us how if you create a suction around the lips, whilst the lips themselves are being sucked in to what is almost like a ‘vacuum’ then it draws blood to the surface and makes your lips swell/grow. Now the kinda things she had used were the necks of water bottles and it had worked for her. There is actually a brand that creates lip plumpers that mimics this exact suction/vacuum effect that you can watch here and buy here.

Now before you all think WTH and is she crazy I googled this craze and look a little more in to it and actually found endless posts and tutorials on how to use this method at home with simply using products you would already have around the house. So I decided to test out a couple of the methods and decided of a firm winner…the bottle cap.

So bear with me here…

 Yes it is just a regular bottle cap from any kind of drinking bottle – they are all pretty a standard size/depth. The technique with the bought version is exactly the same as with your DIY home alternative. Now I apologize as I won’t be creating or uploading a video on how to do this anytime soon (you look kinda crazy doing it!) But I will describe how it’s done.

Firstly, it is your choice whether you want to start with product free lips or to coat them first with a little lipbalm – either works just fine. Secondly you wana take your bottle cap (make sure it is CLEAN) and hold it over your lips >> smaller pouts will find if they pout they can pretty much cover most of their lips >> plumper pouts you may find you want to do this step in 2 parts. Once your pout is covered you want to suck until the bottle cap is suctioned in place and it holds in place on its own – no hands. You will then start to feel a strange pulling sensation as your lips start to plump – you then have to continue the sucking motion so the bottle cap stays in place – do this for about 15 secs then release. Repeat this process up to 6 times.

Lips Before


Lips After

…After!! So I changed in to a different top here just to clarify! And you can definitely notice that my top lip looks fuller, especially at the outer corners! They look lightly more pink/red as the blood has been drawn to the surface. This was with 4 lots of about 15secs – so you can definitely plump them more!

TIP: You can help plump and accentuate the outer corners of your lips or the top of your lip by moving and placing the bottle cap – you can allow the bottle cap to simply cover just the top lip, or move the cap to the left/right. This works best too if you have already naturally fuller lips.

And don’t worry..there will be some redness/marks from the bottle cap around your mouth area but these die down pretty quickly. Just don’t over-do it with the suction – I have read some people have caused themselves to bruise from being a little over enthusiastic!! Your plump pout won’t last forever unfortunately, fullness can last for 2-6 hours depending on your natural lips and how many times you repeat the steps. Although I have to say I feel as though gradually my lips seem to have become fuller – maybe it’s psychological?!

I hope you enjoy my weird trick to help plump your pout…I would love to hear of any strange and wonderful beauty tips/tricks you guys have to share! Also why not pair your new plump bout with some Kylie Jenner style lip colour and see how I re-create her look here!

The perf Kylie Jenner-esque lip duo

Mac Duo

Pretty much every girl out there who loves her makeup has lusted after Kylie Jenner’s impeccable lip game – despite the whole has she/hasn’t she lip job debate! It’s actually something I never thought I would be in to, don’t get me wrong I love a nude lip but I have always played safe with a more pinky-nude rather than a brown-nude. Fast forward to Kylie Jenner and she is totally bringing back the classic 90s brown toned lip…only way better. Buh-bye dull browns/way off lip liner and hello to a sexy natural brown that only KJ could make so on trend.

I wasn’t really on the hunt for a KJ lip colour but then I am always a sucker for lip products –  and if you haven’t sort of noticed already (see my lipcare faves here) it’s the one thing I can safely say I have waaaaay too much of…if that can even be possible! I kinda found this lip combo by accident and I actually love it.

So here are the stars of the post…MAC Matte Lipstick in Honey Love and MAC Lip Pencil in Spice (a fave with Michelle Keegan don’t you know!)

Honey love and spice

Lips 1

Lips 2

The top of these two pout photos is just the lipliner in spice all over which you definitely could wear on it’s own and is still Kylie-esque. The bottom photo is with the honey love lipstick on top and I love this look the best. When I first tried it out I found it hard to get used to as I have never worn a lip like this but I love it now – channeling my inner Kylie Jenner!!

Top Lip Tips:

❀ This look is all about being matte – but to avoid the colour catching on dry lips, moisturise them before starting your makeup and then clean with a makeup wipe to remove any surface moisture

❀ Try over-lining your lips – this wouldn’t be a Kylie Jenner look without a lil overdrawing. No need to go extreme, just start of bit by bit and gradually build on your confidence and your lip shape

❀ I can be a bit lazy when it comes to applying lipstick, but for a real perfected look and a true Kylie pout, use a lip brush to apply your lipstick over the liner – esp. if you have overdrawn as otherwise it can get a bit messy!

I hope you enjoy my holy grail lip duo in the style of Kylie Jenner – I would love to know your guys recommendations on products you use in creating her look!

Dry Shampoo Saviour

Dry Shampoo 1

I just have to say it right away and put it out there before I write anything else…the dry shampoo I’m going to rave to you guys about is 99p..!! Yep. Under £1. I know. And it’s the best.

So here’s a lil back story for you all on my journey of a love/hate relationship with dry shampoo. Being naturally brunette was a bit of a bummer when dry shampoo first hit the shelves. The range and variety was initially minimal and therefore wasn’t so appealing to darker haired guys n gals everywhere. The first formulations left hair kinda chalky and straw-like that could be spotted a mile off from the grey-ish dull texture that it gave to darker hair. Blondes had it all – my sister was an absolute lover (and still is) of dry shampoo and even baby talc to help mask those greasy roots. For blondes it was a no-brainer, they could freshen up their hair anddd as an added bonus even help lighten any root re-growth!!

And another thing. I had this irrational cringe-factor at the feel of it in my hair. Even now the thought of it makes me shudder a little!! I hated how dry shampoo felt when attempting to massage it in with my fingertips – call me crazyyyy I don’t know what it was but it steered me away from dry shampoo for a long lime – like we are talking years here!

Obviously dry shampoo formulations have waaaayyy surpassed the early days and now you have different scents and different tinted versions for every hairtype imaginable – rejoice dark haired girls!! And so it was time for me to venture back out there in to the world of second and third day hair lovers. Now this is the part where I tried and tested so many different versions of dry shampoo. From mousse to powders to spray. And I have found a firm fav which has become a household staple with all of my family – including my brother (he will kill me for telling everyone!) and it’s from…Wilkinsons. You heard it right and you heard it here first!! It was a total accident I wasn’t even really looking for it the day I spotted it and for 99p I thought it was definitely worth a try. I got the version for brunettes which is slightly tinted, but there’s a million other types for diff hair. Lemme give you a run down of the pros to this holy grail hair saviour:

Brunette dry shampoo

♡ it smells divine

♡ the texture is fine so you can barely feel it in your hair

♡ the tint is natural and easily blended (and no nasty colour transfer!)

♡ it actually lasts ages!

♡ ..oh and did I mention it only costs 99p?!

Seriously, anyone who struggles with not washing their hair regularly or for those who want a bit of a volume boost or added texture – this is it. I have honestly tried much higher range versions which are still okay but don’t out-perform this guy.

Next time you’re anywhere near a Wilkinsons (deffo just a UK thing I’m afraid!) go grab yourself a bottle..or two..or three – the secret is out now so better stock up!!

ps. I totally feel like this is one of those #firstworldproblems kinda things..I’m definitely gonna have to do a good deed for the day to help restore some balance in life!  ☮

Happy Holidays x What I got..!

Everything starts with a dream

Happy Holidays guys! So Christmas Day/Boxing Day and other celebrations are over and done with for another year now…butttttt its is New Years Eve yeey – which fyi is my favourite time out of the Winter hols! I am always so excited to make plans and how everyone is in good spirits for the New Year! And I totally love the film New Years Eve – one of those cheesy-but-you-still-love-it kinda films that’s a must this time of year!

So anyway I hope everyone has had an amazing time with friends and family, and as tradition goes for many bloggers/YouTubers – it’s time to share with everyone what they got as gifts over Christmas time! I absolutely love watching videos like this, I find them so interesting and sometimes find inspiration for gifts myself! So I have decided to do a quick post on a few of my fave bits I got this year – hope you enjoy!

 Xmas presents!

Nail Polishes – Michael Kors

Laguna Bronzer – Nars

Ambre Vanille Body Souffle – Laura Mercier

Hamsa Necklce – Thomas Sabo

Russian Hand Cream – Primark ( I think!! )

Labrador Mug – Emma Bridgewater

So I am super happy/grateful/lucky as I feel I am every year!! I don’t really get 1 main present, more just lots of nice smaller bits which I love and kinda prefer! There were mainly a mix of skincare – beauty – home bits which is perfect for me – seriously have enough body butters and cream to last the year ahead! Fyi the one in this picture has to be my favourite body cream ever, it smells divine and the scent really lingers – even when I put my dressing gown on every morning I can smell it from the days before! And I would love to hear what you guys got this year too!

I hope everyone wherever in the world you are, has an amazing time tonight, may your New Year bring joy and happiness! And just one last little thought for the year..

Believe that anything is Possible

Find the best in others

Show others the best in you.

Lipcare Must -Haves

Lipcare Favourites

I kinda have an obsessive desire to buy/hoard/collect any sort of lipcare product from lipsalve to lipstick to lipgloss. However I have always suffered from dry chapped lips no matter what time of year so I’m always on the hunt for a miracle product. Over the years I have tried heaps ( – a bit of aussie lingo for you! ) and some were definitely worth it more than others. So to try save you guys a little bit of time & money (they are all super affordable yey!) – who are in a similar situation to me, or just to see what lipcare products I would recommend – I have chosen my favourite 5 from over the past year!

The Multi-Tasker

Lucas PawPaw Ointment

 So this lil beauty comes all the way from Aus! I saw it in Woolworths and had read about in magazines and had to snatch one up – one of the best decisions I made ever! I won’t go in to too much detail about this bad boy as I posted here about it a while ago more in depth. Basically it’s a kinda holy grail / go-to product that has like a million and one uses – but more to the point it is amazing for taking care of your lips! It really soothes chapped and sore lips – perfect!

Pro – a teeny tiny bit of this product goes a long way. Once applied this product protects and moisturizes for a long time.

Con – the smell is a little unusual and the texture is rather thick so doesn’t sink in that quickly – but definitely something you get used to with the product!

The Practical/Cute One

EOS Lipbalm

I have actually always been a little dubious of buying one of these suckers and I am glad I have! (Also couldn’t decide between it being more practical or cute so I went with both!) It is literally so easy to throw in a clutch/purse/handbag and takes like 2 seconds to apply! Plus it comes in loads of different flavours and different coloured packaging!

Pro – super super easy to apply, the round shape of the balm means that you simply just have to pucker up and it is the perfect shape to quickly smooth across for an even coat of balm.

Con – as cute as it is, it isn’t the most effective at moisturising long term – but it was definitely worth being in my faves for it being mega practical and giving my lips some instant moisture relief!

The Plumping One

Malin and Goetz

So this one actually came free as part of a set with Elle magazine and I had never heard of the brand previously. A little research tells that two guys (Malin+Goetz duhh) came together in NY to create this brand that is formed from natural ingredients, is perf for  sensitive skin and for both men and women. It is a gel like texture and is not at all greasy or too shiny – which sometimes I prefer instead of a high gloss effect.

Pro – after continual use it seemed to have a plumping effect on my lips! Not too sure if it is down to the fatty acid absorption technology, but anything that fakes a hollywood-esque plumped up pout minor the fillers is good for me!

Con – now I kinda feel mean and picky for pulling this out as a con as I actually really struggled to find one for this product but here goes…it is a little hard to control how much product is coming out of the tube and the full size version has a rounded applicator (which you use to squeeze out the product and directly apply to the lip) which I am not a huge fan of.

The Fragranced One

Burts Bee's

Okay there are probably a million things I could have named this one, and for such a small and simple lipcare product it packs so much! This is the pink grapefruit scented lipbalm that is great for hydrating and refreshing – hence it’s punchy scent! It really does moisturise my lips and the scent is tdf – even my bf notices it! It is easy to use, I do use this one quite a bit on nights out as it fits quite well in a clutch.

Pro – it has to be the scent which is created from the use of pink grapefruit seed oil which not only gives it the gorgeous scent but also cleanses, clears and tones the lips – which for dry lips is a winner!

Con – it’s kinda a personal bug bear, but I find the packaging and the actual product can get a little grubby after a while – and I don’t ever use this product over lip colour. That being said it has never compromised its effectiveness so still a total must for me!

 The Original


Carmex is kinda the original lipcare product – it has been around for 75 years! It is the #1 recommended lipbalm by pharmacists and here is why..it moisturises, heals, soothes and protects. It is great for sore chapped  lips and also to help soothe cold sore symptoms. It comes in like a million different varieties and you can get hold of it just about anywhere.

Pro – I really don’t think you can beat a good little pot of lipbalm – there’s just something about it! Plus I love the scent (minty) and the tingly sensation you get when you first apply it to your lips (menthol)

Con – I find there isn’t an awful lot of product and so goes down very quickly which is a bit of a shame as it is quite addictive to use, but on the plus side it is fairly inexpensive and does work!

I hope this was of some use to fellow lip product junkies out there, especially with the weather getting colder now! And this has actually been one of my favourite posts to write, and something that I haven’t really done before in this style so will definitely have to try doing more of them! I also have a new lip product that I am currently trialing and testing that was recommended by Lauryn Evarts on The Skinny Confidential that is a lip plumping gloss and so far I think I am on to a winner here so watch out for a future post on it!

Hope everyone is having a lovely start to November!