Floral boot envy

I feel as though the floral trend is something that I gladly left behind in my early twenties as my wardrobe has evolved to more simple items of clothing and less print, however I am kinda falling in love with the current floral trend that’s all over the high street.

And it’s not your typical floral – it’s definitely got a more classic, grown-up yet edgy vibe, with floral details embroidered on to just about every fashion staple.

Cue the most dreamy pair of boots I have probably ever owned.

They’re your must-have black ankle boot with a twist – the perfect amount of pastel pink embroidered flower detail on the side of each boot.

They are so versatile and can be worn with black skinnies, denim mom style jeans turned up, or rocked with bare legs and a faux leather skirt. The heel is just the right height that’s doable during the day and workable for the night-time. In all honesty they have so far caused slight discomfort on the balls of the feet, but I’m optimistic that this will fade after wearing them in a bit more!

Shop them here…definitely predicting a sell-out (you heard it here first!) xx


Hello Winter Boots!

The moment everyone has been waiting for…the unveiling of my chosen pair of new autumn/winter ankle boots! ( And by everyone I mean meeee! ) I am so pleased with my new boots and I have been so excited to post about them, they’re so much more than just a winter staple, I have made a vow that I will be wearing these throughout summer and pairing them with shorts/skirts/dresses for more of an edge! Soooo, let me introduce you to the Rocha boot from Tony Bianco!

Tony Bianco Bag

IMG_20140430_095744 IMG_20140430_095819

Ta-Daaaaa! These are pictures of the Rocha boots brand new and unworn.

IMG_20140504_150830-1 IMG_20140504_150919

And here they are with me wearing them with some black opaque tights – it was so cold that day!

So without repeating myself too much from my previous post about What I Want from My Boots they pretty much nail everything I want in a boot, I feel that they are so universal and classic that I will be wearing these for the foreseeable future! Having discovered Tony Bianco out here in Melbourne ( visit the website here – be prepared to fall in love and parting with some of those precious $$$! ) I can definitely understand the hype from other blog posts on their shoes. They have every kinda shoe you can imagine – I doubt there is a girl who could go in there and leave without finding what they were looking for. The prices at Tony Bianco vary but on the whole are reasonably priced and affordable, especially when you consider the quality of the shoes.

Okay so the main thing I love about these boots is the silver hardware and the cut out and cross-over strap detailing. The buckles are a kind of brushed worn looking silver ( so they don’t have that sometimes cheap look boots can have ) and are fixed in place, with a zip and the back of the boot which makes them super easy to slip on and off. The boots are made from leather and feature a dual strap cross-over which you can see from the front, and then come across the side to meet the buckles. The heel height is just perfect ( about 4cm ) for daytime and i will definitely be wearing them for more casual nights out.

The sizing is a little larger than average, with the shop advising me to go half a size down to an AU 6.5 ( UK 4.5 ) which fit perfect. I can’t wait for them to get that little bit of a more worn in look that I love with leather! xo

IMG_20140505_172331-1-1    Ps…I thought this piccie was fitting for my autumn/winter themed post and I thought the colours looked so lovely!

What I Want From My Boots…

So whilst I was busy browsing the internet to try and find the perfect Autumn/Winter ankle boots, my mind sort of wandered and I kinda decided that shoes are like men. Now I haven’t entered the search for my idea of the perfect ankle boot lightly, it’s taken time to make sure I’m going for the right thing ( see where this is going?! )

My first thought is that we are usually drawn first to the shoes that attract us the most, they are often the most flashy or eye-catching,  maybe not even for the right reasons, and are most likely to be the most pricey. That moment of admiration is usually offset by our brains kicking in and telling us they are not the most practical pair of shoes. They will probably only go with a handful of outfits, they are deceivingly comfy when you try them on in the shop but once you take them home their comfort levels begin to change on you – and for the worse. We are all guilty of buying that one pair of shoes for that one outfit, and then finding no other occasion that they are suitable for; maybe they are too bold and clash with other things or maybe you simply don’t feel that same connection you had with them to when you first laid eyes on them.

Cue the ‘goes with anything for any occasion’ kinda shoe that you simply fall in love with and don’t want to let go of. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – they are your best friend every season. Not only do you love how they look, they are comfortable, practical and always treat you kindly ( no nasty surprises! ) You search for ‘the’ pair and when you see them you know. They can take you from daytime to nighttime, no outfit is ever compromised by their fabulous style. Even after a hard day shopping, or a night out partying they are there for you and don’t judge how many new dresses you bought or how many drinks you had. They’re always there.

Okay okay, so chances are we all have more than one pair of shoes that we love but I guarantee there is a certain style that we always go back to or have to have in our lives. And okay not all guys can be stereotyped like this, I just found some of the resemblances a little uncanny! I know living in England and here in Melbourne boots are essential with the weather, but I have always loved when people pair their wintery ankle boots with a summer dress to give it that edge. There’s no doubt a good pair of ankle boots can be pulled out of the closet and worn in almost any season and can totally change the look of an outfit, they can even be life-changing!!

For me what I want is something with a little heel to help give me that oomf! ( if you know what I mean!! ) Give me some detailing, but nothing OTT and preferably silver hardware. Weirdly I have only really ever had one pair of black heeled chelsea boots at home I have often gone for tan so I am definitely going for black boots. I have actually found them, the pair of boots that I have fallen head over heels with ( LOL ) but  for now I am keeping hush as I am going to do a post on them at the weekend!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far xo

Ps Just a quick note …. This post is a bit of fun so please don’t be offended or take it too seriously!!