Why You Need A Wooden Hair Brush

Wood for Good

Who doesn’t want healthy hair? And I bet that most of us want longer hair too right?!

You have the perfect hair oil that I mentioned in my previous post, so why stop there on your journey to the perfect hair?

It’s time to put down that tangle teezer and check out why you need a wooden hair brush in your life.

Here’s why…

☽  So a wooden hairbrush helps to absorb your natural hair oils which means when you brush through your hair it helps to distribute these oils evenly that help to keep it conditioned

☽ Helps to reduce static and breakage

☽ Provides a scalp massage particularly along the acupressure points – promoting good circulation and healthy hair growth

☽ If looked after, a wooden hairbrush will literally last you years & years – a definite worthwhile investment!

Tek Hairbrush 1

[Tek Wooden Hairbrush]

Tek Hairbrush 2

[Tek Wooden Hairbrush – Handmade in Italy]

I bought my wooden hairbrush a couple of years ago and honestly love it. It doesn’t drag like plastic bristle brushes tend to, it somehow doesn’t seem to get that unclean/messy, and it genuinely feels almost therapeutic when using it!

The brand I purchased is Tek which is an Italian brand where they hand-make their brushes. Did I mention that they are also FSC certified which means your hairbrush uses responsibly sourced wood. They are kinda pricey if buying direct through their website, however definitely check out your local TK Maxx as I grabbed mine there for a fraction of the price!

Let me know if you guys prefer plastic/wooden/any other type of hair brushes! Also if you have heard of or had any experience of the hair ‘inversion’ method I would absolutely love to know (blog post coming soon!)


The hair oil you need in your life


Hair Oil

This shit is real…milk_shake glistening argan oil is legit the real deal.

Let’s backtrack sayyy 5-6 years when I was at University and first discovered argan oil.

I fell in love.

Hair dried quicker – check.

Smoother hair – check.

Hair feeling generally healthier – check.

So yep – I have pretty much used argan oil on my hair ever since.

I haven’t been particularly brand loyal, I’ve gone from using high street brands to the holy grail Moroccan Oil.

But there’s a new player in town, and if you haven’t heard of milk_shake haircare products already then check them out!

Long story short, my hairdresser recommended milk_shake glistening argan oil and that it’s seriously the best hair oil she has used. (She also used it on my hair and it felt aaamazinggg).

So me being me I kept putting off buying it and wanted to wait until I had used up the argan oil I was currently using. Anyway – cue me researching it online for weeks, checking where had it for the best price etc. until I found it on Beauty Bay.

Basically, they had it at the best price then something INSANE happened. I checked beauty bay on Tuesday and…the hair oil had been reduced to £3. Let’s take that in for a moment – this hair oil retails for £20!!

I ordered 5 bottles (they’re 50ml each) and it’s like the best decision I’ve ever made.

Milkshake hair oil 1 Milkshake hair oil 2 Milkshake hair oil 3

And I’m not sponsored or being paid for this post – I seriously sent an email around friends telling them as I feel that I should share this amazing find!

Let me know if you order any – I’m contemplating ordering more (I seriously have like FOMO in a shopping sense!) or what your favourite hair oil is!


Top 5 Love Your Hair Tips

Processed with Moldiv

Eek yes that is my hair in the pic above!! Anyway so most of us are never completely satisfied with what our parents/genes/god gave us and that is especially true when it comes to our hair! And I am definitely someone who is never completely satisfied with my own – it never grows long enough, it gets dry and/or oily, it’s not as thick as I want it. Everything bar the colour (loving how my hairdresser colours it!) is always kinda in between – I’m talking a barnett with a mind of it’s own…who else is with me here?! So I have decided to narrow down my top 5 most important and crucial haircare tips that you can follow too to help rule reign over your do..

Haircare Collage

1. Use sulfate free shampoos – all those nasties essentially damage your hair as they are only in there to create a lather. Also avoid silicones if possible in your shampoos too.

2. Wash your hair less – Kim K only does it once every 5 days and so should you.

3. Use a hair oil – my favourite is the original Moroccan Oil. It helps soothe and smoothe, nourish and protect, my hair always feels a million times better when I pop some on freshly washed just-towel-dried hair.

4. Use less heat – banish those styling tools! Okay that’s a bit drastic but you should definitely limit them. Try let your hair air-dry or if you need to blow dry it, skip the straighteners.

5. Use gentle hair accessories – lover of a pony-tail or hair bun? Harsh elastics/bobbles break off your hair so opt for more hair friendly alternatives. Think alligator clips and invisbobble style bobbles – seriously they are the best thing since sliced bread..they even keep hair in place when working out!!

Oh and did I mention I am a serious lover of the sleep bun a la Lauryn Evarts on The Skinny Confidential? Yep the sleep bun means serious business and a must for that perfect next day hair with zero effort!!

What are your top haircare tips? Please Share!

Also check out my post here on the best dry shampoo I’ve found on the high street that only costs £1!

How To: Look after you

How To: Look After You

So I want to start another kinda weekly series (checkout some of my regular weekly GlowBites here and here) and I’m really drawn to something that involves lists/how to’s/DIY/top tips as I find I always click on links that share something interesting to do/make. Now I’m not an all-wise guru who knows everything about everything there is to know but I thought it would be fun to share some ways in which I create! And the first idea that popped in to my mind (after a very spiritual/mindful last post) was a sort of how to/to-do list of ways in which we should take time to nourish ourselves – mentally and physically >> in other words how to take care of you…and don’t worry there is nothing expensive or wacky on the list, just a simple (if not ‘obvious) run-down of what works for me…


Everyone is so different – no two minds are alike. I think it is important to feed our brains in many different ways – enough water, nourishment from foods, sleep, mental stimulation. I think happiness and positivity are key to a healthy mind – I understand this may not be so easy to people suffering from mental health conditions, but I believe a positive mental attitude will always benefit you in life. Worrying always complicates our outlook and can cloud rational judgement (totally guilty here) sometimes it’s best to step back and stop thinking so much and take time to clear the mind – focus on what positive outcomes you may face – most times our worries will not change or affect the course of any actions.

Actually You Can


This one is kinda personal one for me but I do think it tends to get overlooked. Eye health is so important so make sure you have regular check-ups at the opticians.


So there are already a million and one tips and tricks that we are always being told to follow to make our hair grow longer, thicker or to get shinier, more voluminous hair. For me having oily hair means I like to keep it really simple but I think it’s something anyone can follow. Shampoo and condition with products that don’t contain sulfates or silicones (and cruelty free if poss!) If you want to go chemical free try out shampoo bars – these ones are great! Use as little heat on the hair and go longer between washes. Coconut oil makes a great over night mask too!


I think it’s really important to take care of our skin, we seem to forget that it is our biggest organ and therefore the most obvious part of us that radiates how we nourish and take care of ourselves. Moisturize everyday and I promise you will see a difference – skin looks more firm and toned, colour tone improves and so much more!


So by this I am talking about fitness. I really believe that if you truly want to give yourself the best possible chances in life then you really need to take care of you body. Diet isn’t enough – period. There are far too many benefits of exercise to mention but I love the mental benefits you get from it – how good it makes you feel about yourself, how you are mentally and physically working towards something. I don’t care who you are, you are lying if you don’t feel more positive after a workout!


AKA nutrition and what you put in that pie-holeeeeeeeee. I’m vegetarian but any diet has the same principles and food groups – not all protein is meat based. If we look to nature, all animals are grazers and eat throughout the day – what I’m saying is it makes sense to eat small meals more frequently than say 3 large meals. It gives the body more time to easily digest and you don’t feel so hungry for longer amounts of lime.


Relationships are the sum of our mental and physical being. We need to be treated no less than we deserve. Stand up for what you believe in, but also remember it is always about give and take and balance. You will never be truly happy with others unless you are happy within yourself – don’t place the search for happiness in others. Be true to who you are, be kind and honest. << Big believer in karma!


I would love to hear your input on some of these ideas and what you guys do to look after your well-being!

Dry Shampoo Saviour

Dry Shampoo 1

I just have to say it right away and put it out there before I write anything else…the dry shampoo I’m going to rave to you guys about is 99p..!! Yep. Under £1. I know. And it’s the best.

So here’s a lil back story for you all on my journey of a love/hate relationship with dry shampoo. Being naturally brunette was a bit of a bummer when dry shampoo first hit the shelves. The range and variety was initially minimal and therefore wasn’t so appealing to darker haired guys n gals everywhere. The first formulations left hair kinda chalky and straw-like that could be spotted a mile off from the grey-ish dull texture that it gave to darker hair. Blondes had it all – my sister was an absolute lover (and still is) of dry shampoo and even baby talc to help mask those greasy roots. For blondes it was a no-brainer, they could freshen up their hair anddd as an added bonus even help lighten any root re-growth!!

And another thing. I had this irrational cringe-factor at the feel of it in my hair. Even now the thought of it makes me shudder a little!! I hated how dry shampoo felt when attempting to massage it in with my fingertips – call me crazyyyy I don’t know what it was but it steered me away from dry shampoo for a long lime – like we are talking years here!

Obviously dry shampoo formulations have waaaayyy surpassed the early days and now you have different scents and different tinted versions for every hairtype imaginable – rejoice dark haired girls!! And so it was time for me to venture back out there in to the world of second and third day hair lovers. Now this is the part where I tried and tested so many different versions of dry shampoo. From mousse to powders to spray. And I have found a firm fav which has become a household staple with all of my family – including my brother (he will kill me for telling everyone!) and it’s from…Wilkinsons. You heard it right and you heard it here first!! It was a total accident I wasn’t even really looking for it the day I spotted it and for 99p I thought it was definitely worth a try. I got the version for brunettes which is slightly tinted, but there’s a million other types for diff hair. Lemme give you a run down of the pros to this holy grail hair saviour:

Brunette dry shampoo

♡ it smells divine

♡ the texture is fine so you can barely feel it in your hair

♡ the tint is natural and easily blended (and no nasty colour transfer!)

♡ it actually lasts ages!

♡ ..oh and did I mention it only costs 99p?!

Seriously, anyone who struggles with not washing their hair regularly or for those who want a bit of a volume boost or added texture – this is it. I have honestly tried much higher range versions which are still okay but don’t out-perform this guy.

Next time you’re anywhere near a Wilkinsons (deffo just a UK thing I’m afraid!) go grab yourself a bottle..or two..or three – the secret is out now so better stock up!!

ps. I totally feel like this is one of those #firstworldproblems kinda things..I’m definitely gonna have to do a good deed for the day to help restore some balance in life!  ☮

New Hair!

Just a quick post to show my new hair with a couple of photos I took! The salon I went to is called Joey Scandizzo on Toorak Road in South Yarra. I really loved the salon and the experience was so different to the hairdressers back home!

I got inspiration for my hair from Guy Tang (Look at his amazing hair transformations here!) and wanted a lighter ombre style hair. My hair before coming to Melbourne was lightened underneath and darker at the roots, however the blonder parts of my hair were quite golden and I liked the looks of the more cool tone ombre hairstyles. So here are the results of my first visit..!

So I’m not too sure how well these pictures show my ombre hair, but the colourist feathered through the lighter colour and then added an ash rinse to give it a more cool tone. The roots are darker and fairly close to my natural hair colour. I am pretty pleased with it and have booked back in for 8weeks time to keep on top of it and to help it grow.

The colourist did mention that my hair was fine and that she wouldn’t use too much blonde on the ends as it would further damage and dry my hair. I have recently bought Moroccan Oil Light out here and have been using it on damp hair after every wash to try and add some more moisture. I have also just bought silica (on recommendation from the pharmacist) which is a liquid form mineral silica, which is meant to help boost and improve the condition of hair, skin and nails. I am trying to leave my hair longer in-between washes too (so hard!) and avoid shampoos that include sulfates. Anyway I am excited to see if the silica works, and will do a post on it once I have tried it! xo