Sweeeeet 16th GlowBites post! The piccie I’ve used above is actually one that one of my best friends took on her travels in Aus and I can’t believe how amazing and kinda surreal it looks! – – Thought I would use it to try and get in the mood for summer (ages away I know!) and also because this weeks GlowBites is based on positivity and mindfulness and I feel like this pic radiates positiveness and serenity!

So I was inspired to pull together a few quotes that I have loved recently, and this post was kinda inspired too by posts from Annie at Blawnde and Kaitlyn at WesternWild – and who doesn’t love a motivational/inspirational quote…that’s what Instagram and Pinterest are there for – that and selfies!!

Quote Collage

>> Sorry that the quote on the right of the middle row isn’t so clear…it reads,

“How do you know when it’s over?”

“Maybe when you feel more in love with memories than the person standing in front of you.”

It’s hard to pick a fave out of all of these because they’re all so meaningful in different ways! Personally I’m a bit of a worrier and an over-thinker so it’s good to remember to let go and that whatever the worry it won’t change things! And that whatever the circumstance, you deserve to be happy and treated the way you want to be – something I think is really important. I esp love the very middle photo – as an extra hour spent awake creates the possibility for you to do anything…you can do so much with your time if you learn how to, and we all get  tired and caught up in things but it is seriously an hour of your life that can be spent more wisely and with intention.

Fave quote/poem

But this one is my absolute favourite – basic message >> don’t try to justify your own happiness by filling it with other people who may not meant to be, don’t look for your own happiness in others. Once you open yourself up to creating your own happiness, you attract the right ones in to your life which help complete it [life]

So on that big-ass philosophical note I will end it there for this weeks GlowBites! What are your favourite quotes, I would love to know!

The perf Kylie Jenner-esque lip duo

Mac Duo

Pretty much every girl out there who loves her makeup has lusted after Kylie Jenner’s impeccable lip game – despite the whole has she/hasn’t she lip job debate! It’s actually something I never thought I would be in to, don’t get me wrong I love a nude lip but I have always played safe with a more pinky-nude rather than a brown-nude. Fast forward to Kylie Jenner and she is totally bringing back the classic 90s brown toned lip…only way better. Buh-bye dull browns/way off lip liner and hello to a sexy natural brown that only KJ could make so on trend.

I wasn’t really on the hunt for a KJ lip colour but then I am always a sucker for lip products –  and if you haven’t sort of noticed already (see my lipcare faves here) it’s the one thing I can safely say I have waaaaay too much of…if that can even be possible! I kinda found this lip combo by accident and I actually love it.

So here are the stars of the post…MAC Matte Lipstick in Honey Love and MAC Lip Pencil in Spice (a fave with Michelle Keegan don’t you know!)

Honey love and spice

Lips 1

Lips 2

The top of these two pout photos is just the lipliner in spice all over which you definitely could wear on it’s own and is still Kylie-esque. The bottom photo is with the honey love lipstick on top and I love this look the best. When I first tried it out I found it hard to get used to as I have never worn a lip like this but I love it now – channeling my inner Kylie Jenner!!

Top Lip Tips:

❀ This look is all about being matte – but to avoid the colour catching on dry lips, moisturise them before starting your makeup and then clean with a makeup wipe to remove any surface moisture

❀ Try over-lining your lips – this wouldn’t be a Kylie Jenner look without a lil overdrawing. No need to go extreme, just start of bit by bit and gradually build on your confidence and your lip shape

❀ I can be a bit lazy when it comes to applying lipstick, but for a real perfected look and a true Kylie pout, use a lip brush to apply your lipstick over the liner – esp. if you have overdrawn as otherwise it can get a bit messy!

I hope you enjoy my holy grail lip duo in the style of Kylie Jenner – I would love to know your guys recommendations on products you use in creating her look!


GlowBites 15

Hey Guys! I thought i would pick a romatic-ish/valentines-y pic for my GlowBites icon this week – how cute is this?! So since my last GlowBites and after re-energizing from my ski holiday it’s safe to say I haven’t been up to an awful lot aside from work! That’s if you don’t count some serious series watching…Gossip Girl, The Walking Dead, Orange is The New Black andddd American Horror Story! That and some reading and getting up to date for some posts coming up on TheGlowDown. Once again I have so many business/brand ideas that I would absolutely love to work on so I’m biding my time and doing my research so I am fully clued up on what I need to know – exciting times ahead fingers crossed!

So once again this is a bit of a foodie post and is a bit of a my week in pics food ed. again but a blogger can’t help but take pics of the food we eat..duh?!

Leek and Potato Soup

Red Pepper Soup

Dorset Granola

The Secret

I’m kinda becoming a bit of a soup fiend!! The top one is leek and potato (with a lil baguette and homemade hummus – recipe here) the second soup is red pepper and unbelievably low in cals!! I just wanted to share this pic of the cereal I have been eating…I have been trying to mix my breakfasts on a bit more and wanted some granola to have with my almond milk butttt..I’m not such a fan of raisins/sultanas which seem to be in every granola on the high street! So whilst shopping in Morrisons I came across Dorset Cereals which do this Simply Oat Granola and it’s amazing!

Finally I bought The Secret after Annie recommending it on her blog Blawnde, I am really excited to read it and look at life more spiritually.

Happy Mid-Week!

Ps. How cute is my Valentines card I received from the dog I sponsor at Dog’s Trust?!

Valentines Card

Zara Delivery!

Zara Delivery Box

When I’m not shopping in Topshop you can definitely find me in Zara – I don’t think I ever leave without a purchase! The only downside for me is that the closest Zara is about an hour away from where I live ( no biggie it’s totally worth the trip!! ) so I decided to do a little online shopping instead!

Now I do genuinely love Zara but their website is a little lagging but it didn’t stop me from finding a couple of bits!! I kinda knew what I was looking for plus a purchase I wasn’t intending on originally buying! So at the moment I love slogan tees – they are literally everywhere – everything has gone pretty slogan crazy! I originally got inspiration from watching a YouTube clip of ThatPommieGirl and her fashion haul, and she featured a few really cute slogan tees from Zara…cue me rushing on to ! I decided to have a nosy at boots too as I have seriously been on the lookout for some new winter ones ( checkout my posts here and here about my search in Aus for the perfect Winter boot! ) So I was pretty good with my purchases – although I could have bought so much more – and here they are!

 ..First a lil sneak peek inside my delivery – who doesn’t get sooooo excited when they know an online delivery is due?!

Zara tee

Zara Boots

Fyi the slogan tee was so hard to photograph and get all the words to show clearly – I even checked the website and their photo is pretty similar!! But to clear it up it reads – Chocolate – French Fries – Hot Dog – Ice Cream – Pizza – Milkshake – Hamburger!! I got it in size M and it is pretty generous in size, it’s a baggy tee fit and quite long too which I really like as I don’t actually have many tee’s in this kinda style – and it was only £19.99!

Ahhh the boots!! They are this gorgeous minky colour that have a pointy toe and just the right amount of heel – I have worn these walking about Manchester shopping and can safely say I lasted the whole time just fine in them – hooray for comfy shopping heels! I think these were about £50 but they’re so wearable they’re definitely good value.

What are your favourite online sites?

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

Home Inspiration

Home Inspo

I’m always dreaming of the day that I have my own home to decorate exactly the way I want it – I have always fantasized more about my dream home and interiors than my dream marriage or anything like that! I could spend forever shopping in home decor stores and scouring Pinterest ( follow me here and check out my home interiors board! ) for inspiration of my ideal home. And lately I have found some beautiful and amazing images of homes and interiors on Instagram too – fyi I’m having a bit of a moment with Nordic/Scandinavian style aka a lot of wood textures!  Sooo I thought I would share the wealth and pick some of my favourite images I have found this past week!

My taste/style is a mix of industrial meets nature meets a cosy home feel – if that’s even possible! Picture…exposed brick, reclaimed wood, lots of open spaces with glass walls but with a twist of that cosy romantic feeling you get from a little darkness (exposed brick and darker styling with a few candles thrown in for good measure) and rawness of materials. I also love the thought of adding in bits of culture from holidays and trips away – but in a fairly minimalist way. Living with my parents at the moment has definitely left me with a dislike for overkill on the small detailing in the home – sorry mum!!

Home Inspo Collage

I seriously love all of these images – we are so lucky as a generation that we have access to all these gorgeous images to use as inspiration!! Also can I mention how addicted I am to gossip girl atm ( see the picci right at the top!! ) thank-goodness for Netflix and a lil bit of Chuck Bass!

Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend!

GlowBites..en piste


Okay so I’m hoping to be kinda forgiven here for lack of posts last week by sharing a few skiing pics with you all! It was my first time ever on a ski holiday and it’s fair to say I loved it…already looking at booking for next year and I seem to have given my whole family the ski bug! I stayed in Gala Fjellgrend in Norway and could definitely recommend it for learner/beginners like me as it was pretty quiet there, if there was to be a negative at all it would be that Norway isn’t cheap but then again I don’t think any skiing holiday is! And if you’re a pretty advanced skier you may find the slopes a bit repetitive as there are not an awful lot of runs but there are still some pretty challenging ones!

The weather and snow was pretty perfect, the people are friendly and speak perfect english ( although I picked up a couple of basic words ) and it was a really picturesque place. Where I was there were two main mountains with different slopes, I managed to conquer the red before I left so I was pretty happy, although I was pretty nervous to start off with! So here are some scenic shots from my week away..

Norway Panoramic 1

Norway Panoramic 2

Norway Panoramic 3

Top of the blue slope

Skis on ski lift

Ski lift view 1

Ski lift view 2

Ski lift view 3

Red slope view

Cabin view 1

Lodge view 2

Lodge view 3

Moose on the lake

Plane view

Okay I may have just swamped you all with pictures so I will end the post here!

Ps – yes that is a wild moose walking across a frozen lake!!

Happy Wednesday!

Fitness Probs ♀

Fitness Probs

Okay this is definitely one of those first world problem kinda posts ( and more for the girls ) but it’s just a bit of fun…Me and my sister do the same workout programme at the moment and we both started moaning about girl type things/problems so I thought why not create a list of the ‘dilemmas’ that us girls face when working out!

♤ Whether or not to wash our hair pre/post workout – it will only be getting sweaty again at some point in the near future!

♤ How much makeup?! For those of us who aren’t quite ready to go totally bare-faced and au-naturel, it’s a daily dilemma of whether that MAC girl about town lipstick is a bit OTT…

♤ Noise and some personal space – if like me and my sister you focus on at home workouts and still live at home, then finding a reasonably quiet space to workout can be a nightmare – famous last words…’please don’t disturb me I’m gona be working out’ and your mum strolls in mid plank!!

♤ Prioritising friends/family/bf and whatever else with your workout schedule – you want to eat-out but you want to look and feel good doing it >> which equals a workout somewhere in there!

♤ Or being a complete social butterfly and bumping in to everyone you know at the gym and spending half your workout on the bikes talking even though you finished on the bikes half an hour ago…

♤  Total Comfort vs Looking Good – there’s always that one gym bunny who looks perfectly flawless and stylish in her gym gear whilst we sweat it out in our bf’s old t-shirt

♤ Taking those all important progress selfies and then chickening out from ever posting them!

♤ Knowing you deserve that rest day but constantly guilt tripping yourself and feeling totally guilty for not getting a workout in!

♤ The vicious cycle of having a bad body day >> not wanting to head out to the gym >> realising going to the gym is going to help you feel better about your body >> but you got upset and bothered so you still don’t want to go as you might not give it your all/you’re not in the mood anymore.

♤ Treating the gym as a mean girls-esque high school social map..and finding the perfect balance between the cardio bunnies and the weight-lifting sistaaaas.

Do any of you have any l-o-l gym/workout moments? I think yoga inflicted workout problems deserve a category all of their own!!

Happy February!

Ps – sorry for the lack of posting or warning of no posting – I went on a last min ski vacay and had like zero wifi connection for a week!! > Pics to come! ❆

NB. Photo sourced from WeHeartIt and edited by me.

Vegan Friendly Pancakes

GlowDown Pancakes

Friday morning and I am all NutriBullet-ed out! Don’t get me wrong I love my morning fix of fruit and spinach/kale but I kinda had that Fri-yey feeling and fancied something a bit different! And if you saw my GlowBites x What I Ate Post last week you may have seen what I was whipping up for brekkie!!

If you didn’t know already I’m trying out a vegan/plant-based diet and lifestyle at the minute – and I’m 2 weeks in to it so far. I had just finished reading Lauryn Evarts 3 ingredient pancake recipe on her blog The Skinny Confidentital and it definitely left me craving pancakes! So I hit search on Google for a quick and simple vegan alternative to reg. pancakes which usually contain eggs…and I managed to find a pretty foolproof recipe that rivals most non-vegan pancakes anyday!

So let me be the first to admit this is not at the top of the healthy options you can have for breakfast…but it is a little comfort food for those days you deserve a lil treat or maybe have a bit of a sweet craving – and every once in a while that’s just what you need! Also the recipe I found makes heaps of small sized pancakes that I found were just waaaaay too many for one person so I halved the recipe second time round and found the amount just right!

Here’s what you will need…

Vegan Pancake Recipe

And the method is super easy too. Grab all the dry ingredients and combine in a bowl. Then add the almond milk and vegetable oil and mix until smooth. In a small pan, spray some fry-lite and heat up adding roughly 1 tablespoon of the mixture. Flip the pancake when you see bubbles in the middle.

So that’s it. Let me know if any of you try these pancakes out, they would go perfectly with some fresh fruit and maybe even a little cinnamon if you’re feeling funky!!


Pancake tower 2

Pancake tower 3

Fluffy pancake

Small frying pan

…Just thought I would include this piccie of the diddy sized frying pan I used to make all my pancakes the same size! Not too sure where this one is from, but find one similar here.

Dry Shampoo Saviour

Dry Shampoo 1

I just have to say it right away and put it out there before I write anything else…the dry shampoo I’m going to rave to you guys about is 99p..!! Yep. Under £1. I know. And it’s the best.

So here’s a lil back story for you all on my journey of a love/hate relationship with dry shampoo. Being naturally brunette was a bit of a bummer when dry shampoo first hit the shelves. The range and variety was initially minimal and therefore wasn’t so appealing to darker haired guys n gals everywhere. The first formulations left hair kinda chalky and straw-like that could be spotted a mile off from the grey-ish dull texture that it gave to darker hair. Blondes had it all – my sister was an absolute lover (and still is) of dry shampoo and even baby talc to help mask those greasy roots. For blondes it was a no-brainer, they could freshen up their hair anddd as an added bonus even help lighten any root re-growth!!

And another thing. I had this irrational cringe-factor at the feel of it in my hair. Even now the thought of it makes me shudder a little!! I hated how dry shampoo felt when attempting to massage it in with my fingertips – call me crazyyyy I don’t know what it was but it steered me away from dry shampoo for a long lime – like we are talking years here!

Obviously dry shampoo formulations have waaaayyy surpassed the early days and now you have different scents and different tinted versions for every hairtype imaginable – rejoice dark haired girls!! And so it was time for me to venture back out there in to the world of second and third day hair lovers. Now this is the part where I tried and tested so many different versions of dry shampoo. From mousse to powders to spray. And I have found a firm fav which has become a household staple with all of my family – including my brother (he will kill me for telling everyone!) and it’s from…Wilkinsons. You heard it right and you heard it here first!! It was a total accident I wasn’t even really looking for it the day I spotted it and for 99p I thought it was definitely worth a try. I got the version for brunettes which is slightly tinted, but there’s a million other types for diff hair. Lemme give you a run down of the pros to this holy grail hair saviour:

Brunette dry shampoo

♡ it smells divine

♡ the texture is fine so you can barely feel it in your hair

♡ the tint is natural and easily blended (and no nasty colour transfer!)

♡ it actually lasts ages!

♡ ..oh and did I mention it only costs 99p?!

Seriously, anyone who struggles with not washing their hair regularly or for those who want a bit of a volume boost or added texture – this is it. I have honestly tried much higher range versions which are still okay but don’t out-perform this guy.

Next time you’re anywhere near a Wilkinsons (deffo just a UK thing I’m afraid!) go grab yourself a bottle..or two..or three – the secret is out now so better stock up!!

ps. I totally feel like this is one of those #firstworldproblems kinda things..I’m definitely gonna have to do a good deed for the day to help restore some balance in life!  ☮

GlowBites x What I Ate This Week

GlowBites 13

So I want to come clean straight away with you guys..I missed last weeks GlowBites post! Well I kinda did, it was half accident/half me thinking that my posts have gotten in to a a bit of a routine that’s regular post – GlowBites – regular post >> you get the drift. So part of me wanted to shake things up a little and give you guys a few more one-off style posts!!

Confession number 2..I have been eating a vegan/plant-based diet this past week! I’ve decided to try and maintain a vegan diet and lifestyle (I used to be vegetarian, most recently I was pescetarian but had already given up dairy milk) for the health benefits, but also because I’m far too emotionally attached to any/all animals and can’t stand the cruel and inhumane ways animals are raised and slaughtered! It’s a personal choice and I in no way want to inflict it upon others – only if they want to know more or ask of it – I’m lucky that my family and friends have been supportive as I’m not gonna lie it is hard and I have definitely had plenty of cravings!

And I thought what better way to share this with you guys than through a sort of what I ate/my week in meals (although I only have 5 different meal pics going on here!) I am definitely loving experimenting more with food, there’s still so much I can make and eat with just a little adaptation! – – Quinoa, Mushrooms, Spinach and Bananas are my new best friends hah!

Quino Meal

Vegan Pizza

Exotic Bean Meal

Sweet Potato Mash

Vegan Pancakes

Lemme give you a quick rundown…

1. Vegetable Quinoa Mix

2. Vegan Pizza on Flatbread

3. Exotic Beans and Tri-Colour Pasta

4. Vegan Sweet Potato Mash

5. Vegan Pancakes – which are my fave thing ever!! (Post coming soon!)

Seriously never knew I could feel so satisfied from eating vegan foods..I’m definitely hoping to maintain the lifestyle long term but will see how it goes! Hope everyone is having a lovely week!