High protein vegan pancakes recipe

Vegan protein pancakes

Vegan protein pancakes

Vegan protein pancakes

Recently I have been logging my food to see what kind of macro breakdown I’m hitting on a vegan diet. My daily food intake was not at its healthiest, and so I was definitely lacking in protein rich foods.

So now my aim is to hit around 100g of protein daily to improve dietry balance and boost workout results.

It can be a challenge to hit that level of protein on a vegan diet, so I am always looking at diffferent sources of protein to help increase my intake. Luckily I recently found a recipe on Naturally Stefanie’s blog for protein vegan pancakes which I have slightly adapted and ohmygod..they are soooo good!

recipe for vegan pancakes

They are so simple to make – add all ingredients to a high speed blender and that’s it! Ladel the mixture in to a hot pan with oil, and cook on each side until golden. The recipe above makes pancakes for 1 serving and provide around 20g of protein!

The dates make the pancakes quite sweet, but you could add fruits, coconut yogurt or syrup as toppings! Also I realise that my pancakes are not the prettiest and are far from Instagram perfect, however they taste just as good! The yogurt I have used is my favourite (as mentioned in my vegan overnight oats post) – Alpro vanilla.

Fyi – I am currently trying cover a macro ratio of 60:20:20 of carbs, fats and protein.


Vegan overnight oats


I was actually taking a look at the re-launch of Aussie activewear site Slinkii when I noticed that they have a blog which includes a lotta healthy, high protein and quite a lot of vegan recipes, so naturally I wanted to try a few out!

Lately I’m finding that breakfast is one of the easiest meals to get a good level of vegan protein in and so I definitely was drawn to the protein overnight oats (or ‘proats’) with chia seeds. The result was probably one of the nicer overnight oat recipes that I have tried, so find the recipe below!

All you have to do is simply mix all the ingredients together in a sealable tuppaware box and store in the fridge overnight! Fyi you can add a little more almond milk to your overnight oats if you want a slightly less thick consistency – the chia seeds tend to make this recipe quite thick.

This recipe is for 1 serving and has 23 grams of protein! You can definitely multiply the quantities and make overnight oats to last the week. I added some fresh strawberries to mine before eating which adds contrasting texture – so yummy!

Enjoy! xx


Healthy Blueberry & Yogurt Treats

Healthy Blueberry & Yogurt Treats1

Blueberries are one of my favourite fruits and actually one of the healthiest too! So when I stumbled across a post on Facebook about making some healthy blueberry & yogurt treats I couldn’t resist!

This recipe – which is so simple you can barely even call it a recipe! Calls for just two ingredients: blueberries (duh) and fat free greek yoghurt – simple recipes = totally approved of at TheGlowDown!

Blueberry & Yoghurt Treats Prep

Blueberry & Yogurt Treats Prep2

Healthy Blueberry & Yogurt Treats

>> Using cocktail sticks, dip your blueberries in to your fat free greek yohurt – making sure to coat they am evenly as possible.

>> Place on a tray lined with baking parchment.

>> Once you have filled your tray/used up your blueberries, place the tray in the freezer and leave for 2 hours

>> After 2 hours you can take the tray out of the freezer, and place your blueberry & yoghurt treats in a sealable bag or container

>> Enjoy!!

I kept mine in a freezer bag for ease, and reach for them usually once I’m home from work and feeling a lil peckish before tea or before I head to the gym. They are pretty cold to eat straight from the freezer (…) so I like to take them out of the freezer and leave on the counter side for 5 mins if I can. They almost taste ice-cream-like! I definitely think I’m going to try these with raspberries and strawberries next!

So let me know if you guys try these healthy blueberry & yogurt treats or have other healthy recipes & ideas for me to try!! I’ve definitely got a couple more healthy food ideas coming up on TheGlowDown over the next couple of weeks so make sure to keep checking!

I hope everyone has a lovely long weekend xx

Vegan Friendly Pancakes

GlowDown Pancakes

Friday morning and I am all NutriBullet-ed out! Don’t get me wrong I love my morning fix of fruit and spinach/kale but I kinda had that Fri-yey feeling and fancied something a bit different! And if you saw my GlowBites x What I Ate Post last week you may have seen what I was whipping up for brekkie!!

If you didn’t know already I’m trying out a vegan/plant-based diet and lifestyle at the minute – and I’m 2 weeks in to it so far. I had just finished reading Lauryn Evarts 3 ingredient pancake recipe on her blog The Skinny Confidentital and it definitely left me craving pancakes! So I hit search on Google for a quick and simple vegan alternative to reg. pancakes which usually contain eggs…and I managed to find a pretty foolproof recipe that rivals most non-vegan pancakes anyday!

So let me be the first to admit this is not at the top of the healthy options you can have for breakfast…but it is a little comfort food for those days you deserve a lil treat or maybe have a bit of a sweet craving – and every once in a while that’s just what you need! Also the recipe I found makes heaps of small sized pancakes that I found were just waaaaay too many for one person so I halved the recipe second time round and found the amount just right!

Here’s what you will need…

Vegan Pancake Recipe

And the method is super easy too. Grab all the dry ingredients and combine in a bowl. Then add the almond milk and vegetable oil and mix until smooth. In a small pan, spray some fry-lite and heat up adding roughly 1 tablespoon of the mixture. Flip the pancake when you see bubbles in the middle.

So that’s it. Let me know if any of you try these pancakes out, they would go perfectly with some fresh fruit and maybe even a little cinnamon if you’re feeling funky!!


Pancake tower 2

Pancake tower 3

Fluffy pancake

Small frying pan

…Just thought I would include this piccie of the diddy sized frying pan I used to make all my pancakes the same size! Not too sure where this one is from, but find one similar here.

Recipes you NEED to try!

Okay, so I kinda dedicated an entire post for my NutriBullet and giving you guys the lowdown on it ( if you didn’t already know ) and I think I remember promising a new post on a couple of the recipes from the NutriBullet recipe book for some of the savoury bits I have tried – and I promise you they won’t disappoint!


Hummus and Muffins

Recipe 1 – Hummus ( with a lil tweaking by moi! )

– 2 cloves of garlic

 I recommend crushing before blending – just makes life a lil easier!

– 2 cups canned chickpeas, rinsed and well drained

 approx 2 reg sized supermarket tins

– 1 tsp sea salt

– 1/3 cup tahini

<< so tahini is super hard to get a hold of where I live, so I did some research and substituted it for a 1/4 cup of smooth peanut butter as tahini is kinda nutty! Other substitutes inc. sesame seed oil although you would have to trial the quantity! >>

– juice of 2 fresh lemons

– 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

The method is incredibly easy – it seems too good to be true but I promise it delivers! Literally..throw everything in the Nutribullet cup ( or whatever blender you are using ) and blitz up! I found that I had to take the cup off and mix up some of the ingredients myself a couple of times and also add a lil more o-oil to help it mix a little more smoothly! And the peanut butter isn’t noticeable – it helps and a little tang/kick/nuttiness that hummus needs! It keeps for ages too and I added cracked black pepper and paprika to the top of mine – amazing!

Butternut Squash Soup

Recipe 2 – Butternut Squash Soup

– 1 tbs olive oil

– 1 tbs crushed garlic

– 1 medium apple, peeled, cored, seeded, and cut in to chunks

– 2 1/2 lbs ( 2 reg sized ) butternut squash, peeled, seeded, and cut in to chunks

– 4 cups vegetable stock

– 1 tbs curry powder

– 1 cinnamon stick/pinch of ground cinnamon

– salt and pepper to taste

So obviously the method here is a little more complex but nothing really too different if you are used to making home-made soups!

1. Cook the onion, garlic and apple in a pot with olive oil over a medium heat

2. Add all the rest of the ingredients minus the s + p. Cover the pot and simmer for 20-25 minutes until squash is tender

3. Remove from heat (throw away cinnamon stick) and leave until cool enough to blend

4. Add batches to the NutriBullet cup and blend until smooth! Heat up and add s + p to taste!!

Phew!! So I’m not gonna lie…this soup does take a while to prepare and to cook everything before hand – peeling/seeding/chopping butternut squash = the bane of my life! But it is worth it in the end, it has deffo become my fave soup! I have made it a few times now and found I prefer it without the apple (I forgot to get some one time!) but for those who like a lil sweetness to their soup – go for it! Also I have always used ground cinnamon for ease – I just know I would probably end up leaving the stick in there!!

I have felt so much better about making my own meals from scratch – you know exactly what’s going in there and there’s no hidden nasties! Supersuperrrrrr satisfying too to see everyone enjoying something you have made and put effort in to..everyone at home has loved what I have made and I have requests to make more!! As well – the amount each recipe makes kept me going for days which means it’s an easy pack-up option for work!

Hope everyone is enjoying their stat to the new year – let me know if you try any of these recipes or other ones you have tried and tested!

Healthy Pizza Alternatives

It’s weird to think that when I was younger I never actually used to like pizza, obviously that changed and I loveeeeee a slice ( or three ) of gooey cheesy pizza. I am on a bit of a health kick at the moment and so trying to cut out fast food/processed food etc. but not wanting to completely deprive myself I have found two amazingly healthier pizza alternatives that are just as yummy as the real deal!

Option 1 – Cauliflower Pizza

– 2.5 cups of grated cauliflower/1 large head

– 1 large egg lightly beaten

– 1.25 cups grated light mozzarella

– 2 tablespoons grated parmesan

– Salt and pepper

– Tomato puree

– Cherry tomatoes

– Spinach

– Frylite/non stick spray

– Baking parchment

– Line a baking tray with the baking parchment and pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees

– Grate the cauliflower using a regular cheese grater until you have 2.5 cups of cauliflower crumbles. Then place in a large bowl and microwave for 8 minutes to soften and then let cool

– Then mix in the beaten egg, 1cup mozzarella ( the rest is for the topping ) parmesan cheese, and salt and pepper

– Once combined spread the mixture on to the baking tray and pat down to create a thin layer. Spray lightly with the Frylite and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until golden

– Top the pizza with the tomato puree, spinach, the remaining mozzarella, and chopped tomatoes. Bake in the oven for an additional 10 minutes.

cauliflower pizza

Okayyyy so maybe I topped the cauliflower pizza with a bit more than a quarter cup of mozzarella but I couldn’t resist! This recipe makes a pretty large pizza too – it was enough for two of us plus extra for my lunch the next day. The crust is amazing and  I think it actually tasted even better the next day! This is probably the closer version to a more traditional ( and calorific! ) pizza so definitely an option for those days you are craving junk food. I have made this pizza twice now and it is actually easier than what I first imagined and a definite fave with the boyf!

Option 2 – Open Wholemeal Wrap Pizza

– 1 wholemeal wrap

– Tomato puree

– Spinach

– Cherry tomatoes

– Light mozzarella grated

– This recipe is so simple! Take your wrap and spread a layer of tomato puree over one side

– Add plenty of spinach on top

– Chop the tomatoes and scatter over the spinach

– Finally add a handful of the grated mozzarella on top and place in the oven at 200 degrees for about 10minutes.

tortilla pizza

I also added a little light feta to my pizza but you can add any toppings you fancy! It’s so quick and easy to make, I actually got the idea from a bar/restaurant back home where they called them ‘tostados’ and it was so delicious I started to recreate them back at home and have never looked back!! They are definitely the lighter and healthier option out of the two pizzas as there is less cheese used but nonetheless just as tasty!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend xo

Yummy Healthy Options

Okay so this is kind of a mixed post that is obviously about healthy but still really tasty food! So to start off I want to mention a really cute/kitsch sandwich cafe that I found on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy called Martha Ray’s. I just needed something quick to grab and eat on the go but something relatively healthy too.  Being vegetarian I went for the eggplant sandwich and chose to have it on rye bread ( which if you haven’t tried you definitely should and it is low in GI! ) I’m kinda having a thing for eggplant ( or aubergine back home! ) out here, I never really ate much of it before but I swear I am becoming addicted! Anyway the eggplant was roasted and then cooked in tomato, a small amount of grana padano and basil – it was so tasty and filled me up perfectly! The inside of the cafe was very kitsch – brick walls painted white, wooden tables and tin chairs – it kind of reminded me of Eat me Cafe back at home which is mega popular and has a similar kind of style to it. I’ve also tried the vegie foccacia at Babble that has eggplant, halloumi, salad and harissa mayonaise ( which is a cafe/bar in Prahran and is amazing! ) and also Brioche by Philip does a vegie sandwich that has eggplant, capsicum, spicy mayonaise, halloumi and rocket which is sooooo good – but obviously not as healthy as the one at Martha Ray’s! Martha Ray’s also has really good reviews on Urban Spoon – 92% and they do breakfasts too which seem to be really popular, back at home the whole breakfast scene wasn’t as big as it is here so I definitely need to indulge!


Feels so American with the cute paper bags for the sandwiches from Martha Ray’s!

Secondly I would like to share an amazing recipe for healthy sweet potato mash – so delicious! So I will get straight into it…..

– 4 medium sized sweet potatos

– 2 tbsp sour cream ( I used sour cream infused with garlic )

– 1/2 cup of low fat milk ( I actually used almond milk and it worked perfectly fine! )

– 3 cloves of garlic

– 1 tsp butter

– salt and pepper

– Peel and chop the sweet potato ( the smaller pieces you chop the easier it is to mash! ) and place in a pan of salted water and boil until soft which takes about 15-20mins

– Meanwhile crush the cloves of garlic and add to a hot pan along with the butter and saute

– Once the sweet potatoes are boiled, drain and return to the pan. Add the milk, sour cream, and garlic to the pan and mask until smooth and creamy.

– Add salt and pepper as desired!


And there it is! It looks a little like baby food but it is so delicious and actually really filling, the recipe makes enough for four so I even took some to work for lunch the next day!

I also have a recipe for garlic broccoli mash which is super healthy – at the moment I cant decide which I prefer!

Hope everyone enjoys another long weekend here in Australia xo

….ps just thought I would add this piccie of some not so healthy but super cute cheese scones my mum made at home and sent me a piccie of! She’s so good at baking and they are definitely the best cheese scones ever especially when they’re eaten warm as a treat!