Summer festival outfit ideas – yes please!

Festival Outfit Ideas


It’s fair to say that after seeing everyone’s amazing Coachella blogs/vlogs I have total festival envy. So what better way to re-create the festival vibe than to share some summer festival outfit ideas! Some of my favourite festival looks were from Negin Mirsalehi, Janni Deler, Emitaz and of course the festival queen herself Vanessa Hudgens! Who didn’t love her gold disc crop top?!
Summer festival outfits for me are totally about the mix of bohemian style with a little edginess. Bye-bye floral head crowns and hello to embellishments, chain detailing and of course tassels! I love seeing gypsy style mixed with stronger pieces like hardware detailing or some masculine-esque boots (yes to comfort!).
Want more festival outfit ideas and inspiration?

I am really loving a few different clothing websites at the moment and wanted to share the links with you guys below:

Let me know what you think!
What are your summer gestival outfit ideas? Share your blog links below! xx

Can you believe April is almost over?!

April TheGlowDown

Seriously can you believe it?! It’s actually felt like summer too here the past week the weather has been pretty amazing for April time.

This post is kinda in place of what was my weekly GlowBites post – I have decided I want to shake things up a lil and keep it fresh for you guys and so I will still aim for a kinda weekly update/catch-up style post but I decided that ‘GlowBites’ might not really mean anything to you guys so I’m gonna try keep it cool and just stick with TheGlowDown!!

Sooooo in a nutshell, this month I have indulged in two Thorntons easter eggs, partied on Easter Day, completed Kayla Itsines BBG (<<<that’s 12 weeks of workouts y’alllllll) been on some doggie walks, been on a couple of days out to York and Leeds and had my last day at Topshop!!

April Collage

So yep. April has been a pretty busy month! It’s also coming close to a year since I really got TheGlowDown up and running and looking how it does – I seriously didn’t have a clue about hosting, seo or anything so I’m pretty pleased with what I have learnt and done so far, still learning and taking things on board and have definitely picked up (hopefully) lots of tips from my first week in my new job, so stay tuned!! I’m thinking of giving TheGlowDown a lil revamp summertime too?! Lemme know what you guys think!! Summer seems a perfect time for something fresh right?!

Excited for the weekend although I have no real plans, I’m definitely on the hunt for some cool-ass desk accessories for my work desk – – – share any cool recommendations!

Summer List Loving

Summer To-Do List

Okay so I’m a big love of lists and list making as it is, then I started to notice some of my favourite blogs have recently posted Summer to-do lists or similar things such as fourth of July to-do/prep lists, and so naturally this has inspired me to create one of my own! It is a Summer inspired to-do list – although it is most definitely Winter here in Melbourne!

♡ Train to become a Pilates Instructor ( read why I love Pilates here )

♡  Throw a garden party and become a mega social hostess!

♡  Go on lots of bike ride / picnics

♡  Have a wardrobe clear-out – an excuse to buy new clothes!! – – Read here about my new inspired style

♡ Create / fill in my travel journal

♡  Have a spontaneous road trip

♡  Volunteer / do some charity work

♡  Take part in a blog meet-up

♡  Do something different with my hair – I really would love to do the turquoise dip-dye / ombre a la Kylie Jenner!

♡ …( maybe a little adventurous ) Sunbathe on a yacht!!

Hello July

– I’m having a thing for Pineapple designs at the moment, and you can’t get much more summery than the thought of sipping a cocktail from a Pineapple!

Soooo I hope to have most of these ticked off by the end of the Summer or by at least the end of the year, I think Summertime is a good time to start new things or be inspired as usually the weather, the longer days / nights allow you to do so much more!

And as I mentioned I love making lists and like to get inspiration ( or nosey ) at other peoples so I would love to hear of other peoples links/ideas/lists for Summer!

ps…..I’m so excited that I am going on holiday to Bali on Sunday!

Tuesday Wanderings….☯ ✌❁

So last night and today I have been in a day dream kinda mood and fantasising of summer weather and what I would be doing if I was in the sun ( boooo winter weather in Melbourne! ) The weather is typical British Autumn type weather here, I’m actually not minding it as it is definitely not the worst place to experience so-so weather and kinda brings a sense of home comfort, although I swear I was born to live in a hot, sunny climate as I’m forever in want of a perfect tan!
I guess this is a bit of a random post/moodboard with a hippy/boho vibe for summer! I have recently got the ‘We Heart It’ app, I used to go on the website years ago and recently rediscovered it! It’s like a mix of Pinterest and Instagram – not sure I will be able to keep up with all three but I’m definitely enjoying all the summery inspired pics I have sound so far which I guess got me making my own ‘canvas!’ ( Find me here! )

image(11) image(13)

– I realise some of the images come up twice, they are from my same canvas I just couldn’t screenshot the whole thing in one go!


I love looking at other peoples mood boards to get motivated and steal a little inspiration, I swear it gives me such a can do attitude for the day and I get feeling creative! FYI I have edited these piccies after taking them from my We Heart It Canvas – Looks like I’m loving sunglasses and flowers, and how cute is that penny board?! ( Wishing I looked as chic on one! ) And here’s a little quote I found that I find really true – at first I think it can be taken the wrong way, assuming elegance can only come from something that has beauty on the inside and out ( and whose definition of physical beauty is the same?! ) but after reading it over, I think that anyone can create a certain appearance, but to have elegance is something that comes from within and only with true meaning, which is ultimately what gives something that external beauty! Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday xo

If Summertime was a Shoe…

… it would pretty much look like these!

It’s practically winter here in Melbourne, but a little ( okay, well actually a lot ) of colour never hurt anyone right?! So if any of you remember back to my City Gym Fashion post, I gushed about the amazing gym style everyone seems to have out here and how shoes were definitely a statement piece. Well…I am now the proud owner of possibly the brightest pair of Nike RosheRun ever!!

RosheRun Collage

They caught my attention last week ( how could they not?! ) on my walk to work and they have kinda been on my mind ever since. Andddd I have to give credit to my boyfriend here for being amazingly sweet and surprising me with them after work on Friday!

They have a hot pink sole which kinda fades/ombres to orange – the name of the colour is Atomic Mango which sums it up pretty perfectly don’t ya think?! For anyone who doesn’t know, the RosheRun are very lightweight and thin which makes them super comfy and wearable. I know they’re more of a fashion sneaker than for actual fitness, but a little walking in them does no harm!

And as homage to my new Nikes, I have gone for matching nails too – who knew co-ord could be so fun?!

I felt like these shoes were too amazing to not share with you guys, and hopefully inject a serious dose of brightness in to your day! Do you ever get that feeling of looking at new workout clothes and instantly feeling more motivated?! I swear looking at these shoes makes me think of summer, long hot days, bikinis and sex on the beach cocktails – now time to put them to use and get that summer bod!

… Just a little tag along pic of what I had at Babble cafe today in Prahran – which is fast becoming my faveeee place ever so I couldn’t not mention it! I had some sweet potato fries and a Lychee Slap cocktail that was packed with lychee, mint, lime and chilli!!


Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! xo